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Jacqui's Journal -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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[27 Feb 2005|07:34pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Today I went to Sunday School and it was fun.

Then Courtney came over and we went to my cousin's birthday party. It was fantastic! It was at some indoor park, and it was so fun. There were about 9 swingsets there plus a seesaw and a bunch of basketball hoops and me and Courtney had sooo much fun, we were more excited than the range of 3-5 year olds were there, that was the greatest place I've ever been to, and I asked my mom if I could have my confirmation party there but my mom said no. I was so sad lol.

After Courtney and I headed on over to youth group and Joshua was like let's go to Burger King and I was like NICOLES GUNNA BE MAD AT ME!! ((yes Nicole I really said that)) and she did get mad at me but I gave her fries and an <i>Arthur</i> ring and things were all better. So we played physchiatrist and it was interesting, then we played mafia and they thought I was in the mafia but I was really the doctor and I was like hahaha retards killing me the first round hahaha. Yes that was a great time. Uhm after that we split up ((girls and boys)) and we finished early so we had some girl talk and Britni was pretending to be Chip and saying some stuff that was sooo funny. She was like "No sex before marriage but if you do you stick the penis in the vagina like this ((hand demonstration))" and it sounds sick but the way she said it was soooo funny. After that we had worship and that's about it.

Then my mommy and I brought Courtney home and then we went to WENDY's! And I got a FROSTY! and that's about it.

And I'm going to go cuz' I'm talking to Joshua and I'm on my myspace =).

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