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Jacqui's Journal -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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[24 Feb 2005|09:11am]
[ mood | alone =( ]

Well yesterday I pretty much didn't do anything. I mostly talked to Josh and Shane online all day. The weird thing about Shane's myspace is that I was automatically his friend. We have no clue how that happened either since we have to accept and add or whatever. So now Shane, Josh, and I are trying to "pimp-out" our myspaces more than the other and I swear I will beat them both because I can do HTML and they can't! Plus I have my dear Nicole who could help me if she wanted to *cough cough cough* muah haha. O.K. done with the whole myspace thing.

At TBS Shane and Josh were late because they stopped to get us drinks and doritos because Josh remembered he volunteered to. Shane had speakers hooked up to his CD Player which was really interesting. He had the most random songs on there. . . Like DecembeRadio mixed in with Rap, it was so great. So the theme of TBS was LOVE and one of the questions was "Do you revolve your friends around your schedule or your schedule around your friends." and we were like it depends, say you had youth group but were invited to the movies and Loren was like well who would I be going with and Bill was like Just Courtney no Josh and Loren was flippin out. He was all NO JOSH I WOULD NEVER DO THAT I NEVER DID THAT I SWEAR!! And we were all dying of laughter it was fantastic. So THEN Shane decides to tell Loren that Josh is wicked pissed and needs a hug so Loren was like I'm so sorry  Josh I never did that I swear and gave him like a 15 minute long hug hahaha. We seriously like died from laughing. Then Shane told Loren that his dog would bite him if Loren came near him and I was like Verdel would never do that he acts like a cat! haha Loren was scared though. And the guy in the movie was like "Women want time and you to listen give them your ear!" and Josh was like "OK here you go Jacqui" and I was like "Haha thanks Josh I really appreciate your time and ear" and I was writing in cursive and spelt NOW like NAW and Shane and Josh made fun of me because they do that alot but whatever.  I think last night was the best TBS we have had in a long time cuz' Shane and Josh plus Loren in the same room is always crazy. Especially when Bill is there. Haha it was so much fun, like every week is =).

After that I did my final deed thing for the week which was helping my grandma go grocery shopping and carry them in. Yeah, she bought me ice cream spaghettio's and reese's and I was like Wow, she likes me for once. haha yess.

Then my mommy and daddy brought me to Bugaboo Creek and I got this chocolate cake that looked sooooooooooooo good but I had like 2 bites of it because I ended up not being hungry which was probably because I ate the loaf of bread they give us hahahaha I'm such a loser.

After that I came back and I fixed up Britni's myspace and sent Shane a comment and an e-mail because he was like "Send it on myspace, send it on myspace" and I was like why can't I just send it on AIM he was like NO MYSPACE!! and I was like OK and I thought I was weird? I like how when someone gets a myspace we all end up being hard-core myspacers and spend all our free time on it... Yesss

Well that's about it. You should leave me some comments because ... I said so?

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