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Oh God. . . I remembered my dream last night. I think I remember it because in it I ended up crying, and I woke up crying.

Anyways, I went back to Mass. Hosp. School, and I had the same group as last year which I absolutly loved, the kids were awesome. So then I worked with Joshua and Anthony just like I did last year, but Joshua and I got wicked attached and he thought I was his mom and I kept telling him that I wasn't his mom, and I was like "No! I don't want him to call me that, I don't want him to get upset when I leave, I don't want him to cry when he doesn't see me for another 10-11 months." and everyone who worked there were just like "Oh well, you have to deal with it." and I was like "Nooo, I can't!" and he hugged me and I just started bawlin', and then I woke up but I was actually crying.

Oh man, I was sooo upset. One of the last things I want is to be the reason to make one of those kids cry. They are to awesome, and I would hate to see them unhappy. Right now I don't even know if I should go back to work there for real this summer. I'm to scared something like that is going to happen, but I love those kids so much, and if I'm having the crappiest morning, or week ever, they can make me soooo happy, just by smiling. . .
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