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ok so making things easier for you, my friends, i just went through my friends list from this livejournal, and requested you to be friends on my new one. I thought it would make things easier, so I did it. :).
So you should like.. check your little friends thing and add me :).
Wow, i'm kinda demanding..

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<br><br><br<font size=6>DO IT >:(</font><br><br><b>There's been an accident, and my memory's been wiped. I have no recollection of who I am. Tell me about myself. What do you know about me? What kind of person am I? What are my likes and dislikes? How did we meet and how long have we known each other? Is there one thing in particular that stands out about me? Tell me who I am.

Post this in your own LJ to see what people say about you</b>

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I have a hate list right now.
I hate myself.
I should start to listen to quotes and stuff.
Especially ones about love.
And I should stop being retarded
and hurting myself.
((mentally//emotionally not physically))

I hate myself.

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Yesterday we got out of school at 1:25, I don't really care about having to go to school though it wasn't that bad.
After school Britni and I went to the park and played in the snow, then went to get Tory. We got Tory and then Nicole and had tons o' fun. We talked a lot then played hide and seek in the snow.
Nicole and I ended up at Gooey's

Then we went back to Nicole's and on the way I
fell off a fence into the snow
And back to my house, then to Britni's.
We walked to Chili's and got dinner.
Left there at 10:30, then went to Britni's, then my house, and we slept over Nicole's.
Yeah, that was a good time.

Today Nicole and I visited Gooey at work and the bus driver
brought us over the bridge
So we had to walk back over it.
We had snowball fights
And penguin//dolphin fights.

The End.

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This week is going by sooooooooo slow.
Sunday I went to church then to some DeMolay thing and ended up chillin' with Andrew there. It was fun. After DeMolay I went to youth group and that was fun... Ian Archie and I are attached at Ian's elbow.. Yesss.... And Heitman and I at the thumbnail. So anyways after youth group since it snowed and everything we all went crazy and had a snowball fight. That was so fun.

Monday was back to school. Adam stole my whale thingy and took it home so I was all >:-(. Uhmmm let's see what else happened... After school Nicole came over and so did Dewey and my aunt and we had a pretty intense snowball fight. Haha that was so much fun... Uhmm let's see, I have pictures but I'm kind of to lazy to post them and everything so IM me to see them or search JACQUI636 on webshots cuz' they're on that too. That night my mom got in a car accident. She got hit by some truck, she's alright and we have a 2006 Stratus for a rental car, it's pretty sweet, except I can't drive for the next 2 weeks >:-(. Uhmmm the guy is paying for it to be fixed and the rental car. How nice of him.

Today was so boring. I had a Spanish quiz I didn't study for, but think I did alright. Uhm I wrote Dan a letter that I'm sending to him tomorrow. I'm excited cuz' he said he's gunna write one back and I LOVE LOVE LOVE mail. And you all should send me some too lol.Uhm after school I did route and then went over Britni's with Nicole and we watched Scary Movie 2, cuz' we're mean.. don't ask.. And we took pictures and ate moo-fins ((muffins..)) It was a pretty good time.

My college friends come home in an estimate of 2 weeks and I'm sooooo excited. I miss them so much! Hehehe.

And this weekend is supposed to be really good for me, so if it does turn out really good for me I'll be extremely happy because last week was the best weekend. I love my smiley face ring lol.

Oh yeah, comment if you read this.. because I'm thinking about getting rid of my journal sooooo yeah. Or I'm doing a friends cut. You have til' Friday.