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2010 and the Christmas Break from hell. [12 Jan 2010|08:13pm]
[ mood | bored/homesick ]

So everything was great before Christmas break. Then a bunch of crappy stuff happened over break.

First, after I hung out with Ilyssa and had a great time, I got a ticket. Her stupid bitch neighbor parked too close and blocked me in. So I barely bumped her SUV trying to wiggle out. And she flips out and calls the cops. So he gives me a ticket for "improper backing" and told me he didnt have a choice because she called the police. Even her freaking boyfriend was apologizing to me for her overreacting. She should have gotten a ticket for improper parking! dang that was bull. But luckily my mom's friend Randy has a really good lawyer friend Steve who is taking care of my ticket for me. So I won't get points and I don't have to go to court.

Then when the cop gave me my stuff back my license somehow got stuck in the ridges of the part under my seat that slides it backward and forward. So I am freaking out thinking he didn't give it back to me and searching for it and really upset. Cameron ended up finding it a day and a half later, I think it was because he has to slide the seat back and it fell out of the ridges.

Then I got sick the day after Christmas. Which is when we go out to Grammies and celebrate Christmas with my moms side of the family. I was puking and having diarrhea and laying in the back room by myself most of the time. It sucked. and the hour and a half ride home while feeling what horrible wasn't good either.

Then I was at Jeremys house and one night while driving home my car dies. I'm driving it and after about 2 houses it just shuts off. Power, engine, everything. Locks up. While I am moving. So Jeremy finally gets my hood open and messes with my battery and gets me going so I drive home. Then it's dead in the driveway the next morning. So it finally starts again later and I drove it up to a place. It ended up only being a bad positive pole connection on my battery and only cost me $20. So that was good but it was scary as hell for my car to shut off while I was driving. If I had been going faster, I would have been screwed.

So then right at the beginning of New Years Eve Day, at 12:30am when it just switched over, I get into an accident. With a guy down my street. He was pulling over, so I completed my turn in the driveway and he apparently couldn't stop and slid right into my back end. Bent my frame in, bent in the top of my wheel, my suspension was shot. It was pretty much not drivable. We didn't make the police report until that saturday, Jan 2. and I end up getting the ticket for "failure to yeild." Which is bullshit. I did yeild and look before turning. It is not my fault the asshole slid into me and spun me onto my neighbors yard. and his big ass truck was fine.

So I got zero help from the insurance because my car is old and had no collision on it. So it was $1075 out of my pocket to get it drivable again. Which is about half of all the money to my name. and now I have to buy books. Lovely. And I still have to make a court date to fight this ticket.

and I had to miss 2 riding lessons at home and the 2 day horse show the last weekend due to being sick and my messed up car.

But besides all that crap I had a really good time hanging out with Jeremy, Ilyssa, Julie, Kira & Vanessa. and seeing Emily and AJ. and my family & dogs of course. and going to my church and getting to ride at First Impressions 2 times. Which actually means JUMPING in my lessons. lol

I got to see a bunch of local bands that used to be around when I was in high school play a reunion show thing. and I went ice skating. and to the science museum. and saw Avatar, which is a freaking amazing movie. So there was good but a lot of bad expensive crap too.

I do not want to be in Adrian, I am not ready for all these classes again. But we'll see how it goes. I hope all of your breaks were better than mine.

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2009 is coming to an end. [04 Dec 2009|10:42pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Thanksgiving Break was great. I got to see my wonderful boy. ♥ I got to see my julie for her birthday and vanessa. I saw New Moon twice, once with Vanessa and once with Julie. I had a great time with all of them.

Now I only have 3 finals left next week before I get to go home for Christmas break! I can't wait!

I put more blue in my hair.

It looks like this.Collapse )
It was alot darker then I thought it would be but I do like it dark.
Every time I have washed it in the shower here at school it has stained the floor and part of the walls blue =/ Oops!

Today I went to the animal shelter. After that I went to the barn and watched the other girls do their lesson while I froze to death. Then our coach bought us pizza :) After that I found out I have done well enough and earned enough points that at the next horse show I will be moved up to the Advanced Walk/Trot/Canter class. I'm a little nervous since this whole style of riding is different then everything I learned before. Hopefully it goes good though.

I hope all of you had a great Thanksgiving and have a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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Whats going on. [23 Nov 2009|02:50pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Wow! I havent been on here in forever! but since Julie just made a new one it kind of inspired me to do an update. and while I'm at it i figured I would finally try the Rich text style of updating, I always did HTML before.

So last winter I visited Jazzy at her new home. She seemed really happy there.

and a little bit chubby.Collapse )

And then I visited her again over the summer right after her baby was born! He was not even 7 days old when I saw him. His name is Prince and hes so precious!

ADORABLE!Collapse )

And I tried to see them before I came back to school this year but no such luck. Juliane and her daughter, Brooke are apparently just rude people. They just dont answer my calls and never call me back. and I have both of their cell phone numbers and the house phone. No one answers anything, EVER. It makes me really angry because really, we gave them a great horse...for FREE. The least they can do is let me come visit her. It's bullcrap. To go see the baby I had to just go. They didn't answer my calls but I knew where they lived so I just showed up. If I can't get ahold of them soon I might have to do that again. I want to see Prince's progress! I wish we hadn't given Jazzy to them really. They don't deserve her.

As far as other horsey things go, over the summer I rode this awesome horse Cedar pretty much every week. He was pretty big. And he was so fast and jumped amazing. And he was so adorable on the ground, he followed me around and he liked to help shut all the gates in the arena with his nose. I really really liked him. I hope he is still there when I go back over Christmas break.

CedarCollapse )

Also, I am on the Adrian College Equestrian Team this year. Kinda. lol I started as an official social member. Then our new coach, Donna offered $15 flat rides to people who couldn't afford lessons. (aka ME lol) So I pay $15 once in a while to ride and in return I get to compete. So its cool to be in the shows but it sucks not jumping. Just doing flat lessons sucks since jumping is my favorite. But I take what I can get and when I go home for Christmas break and summer I can jump! In the horse shows I got a 2nd, 4th, 2nd, 3rd, and 2nd. So I've been doing pretty well considering Donnas style of riding is pretty different from Rex's and I have had to break a bunch of old habits.

ACETCollapse )

Classes are going great too and I have started volunteering at the Lenawee Humane Society which I really like.

Me and Jeremy are still together and still going strong! Tomorrow is going to be our 1 year and 7 months actually. :) I feel like our relationship has just gotten stronger and stronger. Last year we fought a lot while I was away and it was pretty difficult. This year the long distance thing has been SO much easier with no fighting. I think we are just more used to it and are still so happy to see each other every time we can! I love him so much.

me and my boyCollapse )

This year I am rooming with Laura :) It's working out great. We are perfect roommates. Diane didn't come to Adrian this year. I liked Diane a lot as a roommate last year but towards the last 2 months it was very frustrating. Her new boyfriend was an asshole and always coming up in the middle of the week. It sucked. and she acted different so I didnt like that either. Shes a good friend but I'm glad we arent living together anymore! And this year in my room with Laura we have a carpet and our ACET coach gave us a TV and DVD player. So our room is awesome this year.

I also have my car at school now, so that makes it better too. I hated not having my car!

In my last entry I said Tango went deaf...well we found out Cash has already been deaf, he just adjusted to it much better. We thought he didnt listen to us but he was just deaf already. So both my poor little boys are deaf. It's okay though, they have adjusted to it just fine.

Also I've been having fun dying my hair! As usual. lol Throughout this last year I have had my 3 colored hair, purple, then pink, and now its blue!

Fun Hair!Collapse )

I can't wait to go home for Thanksgiving. and then we have 1 1/2 weeks of school then off for a month for Christmas break! I can't wait, I'm so excited!!

Well everything has been going good for me! I hope it goes well for all of you! Happy Thanksgiving.

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Good and Bad news. [03 Oct 2008|06:41pm]
Jazzy is pregnant! Paula gave me a different number for Juliane(Jazzy's new owner) because she got a cell phone. So I could actually reach her on that! She told me they bred Jazzy with a 16.2hh Paint stallion. Their baby is going to be so cute. Jazzy was barely above a pony, which is 14.5hh i believe, so she was barely taller than that.

Huge beautiful dad + Small gorgeous mom = Precious baby.

So Juliane said I can come visit Jazz whenever I want and can go see the foal when it's born. I'm going to. I miss her so much.

This is exciting to me but at the same time kind of sad. I'm glad Jazzy is doing well and has a good home and seems to be happy and is getting the first chance to be a mom. I'm sad because I wish she was still mine and we still had the bond that was formed and that I was the one who got to choose important decisions like that.

I really am liking college. It's fun. but I hate that the equestrian team is so expensive and I can't ride because of it. I miss riding so much, it totally sucks. It's like part of me is missing, an important part. It was my stress relief and my favorite thing to do....I hate living without it...

Jeremy and I are still going strong. I'm glad the long distance thing is working out okay. We'll see how it goes. =]

I love all the girls in my dorm and my group of band friends. lol The band friends do really stupid things sometimes that I keep myself away from and that makes me miss my group of friends at home even more than I already do! We had a better time without dumb stuff. I wish they were here.

My dog Tango went deaf....my poor baby...thats why he kept having episodes over the summer where he freaked over nothing. He was percieving things a different way and it scared him...my poor boy!

I lost my mp3 player :( I have no idea where it could be but I feel terrible about it. This is the third really expensive thing my grandparents got me that has gotten lost. I loved the mp3 player too! I feel so bad...

Also, I am totally voting in the election. Teenagers need to vote. McCain for sure.
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It's been forever [18 Aug 2008|04:21pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

So I just thought i would update stuff a little even though no one goes on here.

I never got to visit Jazzy once she left. I kept trying to call the lady but since they live in BFE they didn't have an answering machine or caller ID. So i never got a hold of her then i gave up. I figured it was long enough Jazzy should be comfortable so why make it harder?

I was riding this amazing horse named May at the barn for the last 6 weeks. She was so amazing I even rode her once bareback, the whole lesson. Jumping, cantering, everything. Let's just say painful. Very fun, but painful.

I moved into Adrian College yesterday. It's been going pretty good. Diane is my roommate and she seems pretty cool. We'll see how college life is.

I've been dating Jeremy Keranan since 4-24-08. He's amazing and I'm pretty sure I love him. We are going to try the long distance thing. I am going to come home as many weekends as possible and he will come and visit when he has no work. Also he is allowed to spend the night here in my dorm (even though it's all girls) so that helps that he has somewhere to stay.

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Movie Checklist [18 Aug 2008|04:19pm]

Movies I'm Going To See

  • Haven

  • Doomsday

  • Last Kiss

  • An Unfinished Life

  • Bridge To Terabithia

  • Gracie

  • School For Scoundrels

  • Running With Scissors

  • The Nativity Story

  • Epic Movie

  • Clerks 2 (Jake Richardson. enough said)

  • Marie Antoinette

  • Monster-In-Law

  • 40 year old virgin

  • In Her Shoes

  • Valley of the Damned
  • (if joel's in it, and benji's doing the music, how could i NOT see it, seriously.) Somehow the benji and joel motivation is lacking now that paris hilton and nicole richie are their skanky girlfriends. i feel like i should see it anyways though.
  • But I'm A Cheerleader! (well i read my friends entry about it & it looks funny. now i have to see it.)

i am going to delete and repost this entry every time i update it. so that i can keep seeing it and remember what movies to rent, since every time i go i can't think of movies i want to see!

any recommendations?
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Goodbye Jazz, it's been a good year. [29 Apr 2008|11:30am]
[ mood | crushed ]

So, since last time. Jazzy started getting better and Rex was using her more. Plus we had a deal so even if she was a beast for everyone else she could stay on school aisle as long as I wanted. So we decided we were going to keep her until august when I went away to school.

Then Rex raised the prices of boarding on school aisle and lessons. We can't afford it and Paula is moving anyways. So paula had a friend who we gave her to...

Well....they took Jazzy today. Around 10:30ish....She loaded up just great, like I knew she would.

I brushed her down and got her all comfy and pretty before they came.

I hope she likes her new home and that they love her as much as I do.

I'll visit you soon Jazzy Girl.

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Long time....horse update [03 Mar 2008|07:31pm]
[ mood | bummed, confused ]

Wow I kind of forgot about this.

It's kind of sad, I typed it in and it didn't even pop up on the list of websites, and I wasn't logged in anymore.

I loved this website and I still say it is 10000000000x better than myspace, but everyone left it.

oh, i looked at this before i posted. last entry was way back when i got Jazzy. in August i believe. well update. First she did amazing. She was so good and got so much better and was really doing well and looked happy. Then she started getting crabby. She is still good for me to this day, but she bites at and kicks at the hired students there. And she bucked someone off, scared a little girl away from lessons, and almost threw off my friend who is an experienced rider.

So I love her and she is great for me, but terrible for everyone else....no one rides her which means she needs more excercise. and i can't get out there more than 2 times a week usually....she is not doing good and me and paula neither one can afford to pay board if Rex brings it up. so....We have to sell her.

I'm really depressed about it, but it will be better for her right? She needs more excercise, attention, and just ONE rider....I love her to death though...I think it's the right choice. =[

btw, Who still comes on here?

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Updated Horsey News [14 Aug 2007|03:26pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Jake: Paula sold him to a riding school. Not one like ours with lessons and time limits on being ridden. To one where anyone who wants to can lease any horse they want to. Poor Jake.

Orbit: I missed riding for a week or two. When I came back Orbit was on the DO NOT USE list and I found out he is lame and won't get better for about 6 to 8 weeks. So his owner for sure didn't call me. Ah well.

Jazzy: Paula had Jazzy up for sale after she sold Jake. She decided to give her to me. But then we decided it would be better to co-own her. She is going to be on the school aisle, but she will be mine & Paula's, so I can ride her whenever I want. Me and Paula will split the costs. Which will be up to $100 a year for shots, and $50 bucks every other month for her feet. So I only have to pay half of that, and i basically have my own horse. Paula might also start taking western lessons so she's not scared of Jazz anymore. She's getting moved down to the barn Thursday....Then it's like a dream come true!....I'm getting a horse, I can't belive it! =D

& Jazzy can jump. She has jumped out of her pen a few times, so she should be fairly easy to teach how to jump. Jake would have been harder I think. lol Jazzy can be a brat though, but I think with her being ridden every day and being around tons of horses, she'll get better. =]

In other horsey related news: Me, Vanessa, & Ilyssa went to see the new barn. It's AMAZING, and HUGE! There are 2 indoor arenas and one really nice outside one. Three aisles for the horses, and all box stalls! At our barn now, the school horses have tiny little stalls where they can't turn around. There is also about 4 outdoor pastures, and even a little pasture and separated stall for sick horses, or mama horses with baby's. The barn is almost done and I am so excited for us to move everything over there! =D

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Orbit and Jake news [29 Jun 2007|03:26pm]
[ mood | happy ]

so wow, its been a long time.

but I've been busy. School got out and i started working and i've been hanging out with people all the time. I actually have a life this summer, lol.

Anyways, Paula's horses Jazzy and Jake. Jazzy was always smoother, but Jake listened better, so Jake was the one I liked more last summer, and this summer he bucked Paula off. so now she is going to get rid of him. She said I could have him if i want. So i talked to Rex and found out how much it costs to board there every month and decided that the price of car insurance + boarding + new saddle and bridle + grooming equipment + shots he needs + shoes + fee to move him to the barn is too much for me to afford. so we told paula to sell him or trade him with her one friend for the older calmer horse, whatever she wants to do. I'm gonna miss Jake though, I liked him a lot.

I will still be attempting to jump Jazzy soon and if paula trades jake maybe i can ride around on another old horse also. =]

so this tuesday i was riding Orbit. I got there and me and vanessa decided it was too hot to put the normal saddle blankets on our horses so she put a thin one on Munchie and i put a thin one on Orbit. Then his owner showed up and she was really glad that i did that. Then after the lesson i was going to hose him off but she wanted to just take him and do stuff but she was telling me how glad she was that i was thoughtful and that i had been taking good care of him. she was about to offer to let me ride him whenever shes out of town (she told me that later) but then Vanessa asked her if she was interested in a shareboarder. She said she really liked me and she did think she would be looking for one soon.

so i think $100 a month for car insurance + between $100 and $150 a month for shareboarding might be affordable. So if she calls me I am going to do it. My senior year i might be able to have a horse, finally! And he's my favorite! =]

I have to start looking for a job for school time now since i can't work at a doctors office in southfield after school...too far away and not enough hours in the day. Hopefully i will be able to alternate work days and barn days and still have time for all my AP classes hw after both. This might be a busy year but it will be like a dream come true if i can pull it off.

I am realistic though, I do know it might be too hard to manage my classes, working enough to pay for boarding and my car, and still finding time to go out to the barn 3 days a week or whatever we agree on. If i have to not board during school I will, but hopefully I at least can for most of the summer. =]

Comment ♥

oh and p.s. today is my birthday. 17 baby! =]

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[26 May 2007|07:47pm]
I went to Robyn's wedding party thing today. It was fun, I missed Robyn so much. I hope I can see her again before her and her husband leave on Monday.

I think it's crazy that I know more than one person at the age of 18/19 who is married, has a kid, or is married and pregnant. absolutely nuts.
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Billy Talent ♥ [19 May 2007|01:25pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

first of all, i want to say the musical at our school thursday was great. I loved it.

so the Billy Talent concert last night...AMAZING.

the first warm up band was Hi Fi Hand Grenades. They were good, but all of their songs sounded alike. They had a cool guitarist with CRAZY hair. it was like 5 inches tall and stuck straight out in all directions. crazzyy.

the second warm up band was Drive By. They were really good. They were pretty heavy rock and I liked them a lot. They were playing, and my and Rachael went down to the merch table so she could buy their cd. The merch lady said she liked my "i dig guys in girls jeans" and that her boyfriend wears her jeans. Then they told us to come back down afterwards and we could meet the band. So after their set, me and rachael and my aunt margie go down there. The bass player was there, and he was SO much cuter up close. from stage you could only see his ugly hair and didnt realize how cute his face was. but up close. whew. Rachael got him to sign her CD. then the guitar player came out and signed it. Then the merch lady went and found the drummer (rachael and cameron play drums). he was GORGEOUS. so adorable. his smile made me speechless. and i had to go up to him like twice more to get something signed for peter and cameron. so i was happy. then we went back to the bass player and he waved at me (since we went down there like 4 times!) then he signed my sticker that the drummer had signed. then the merch lady asked him if he was wearing boys or girls jeans. he was like "boys but i do have girls jeans at home!" and i told him that was good to hear. and then the merch guy was like "yeah and his ass is AWESOME". LOL it was great. the bass player reminded me of Sully from Godsmack. he needed a haircut badly. the drummer was gorgeous. the singer was cute but he didnt come out. stinker.

then finally Billy Talent came out! They were AMAZING. they probably played for about an hour and a half. They came out and the singer was sweaty already and he disposed of his shirt after the first two songs. and then he was pouring water on himself and dayummmm. he was a HOTTIE. he didn't look good in their cd cover pictures but in real life. wow. same with the bass player (my icon). The singer danced kind of girly, shaking his hips and stuff. but he also made this look on his face where he looked so evil and piercing and HOTT. it was awesome. He said he wanted to set something straight and told us he likes girls, very much. LOL. they were just GJDKLJS:LKFJ AWESOME.

i bought a red and white striped shirt that says TALENT with The BILLY sideways in front of the T in black writing. its sweet. i also bought a wristband that says BILLY TALENT on one part and FUMS on the other. their drummer has Multiple Sclerosis. so it stands for F U Multiple Sclerosis. lol the money went towards a foundation but its just funny that thats what it stood for.

then after the concert we went and hung by the tour bus. THE BASS PLAYER CAME OUT. MY GORGEOUS BASS PLAYER. i talked to him, and he signed my ticket stub. then my mom took a picture of me and him on my phone. HIS GORGEOUS BODY WAS NEXT TO ME AND HIS ARM WAS AROUND ME. but then she didn't save it!! so he said i could have another one and he was so nice. he also gave this bum 10 dollars. he was such a sweet and awesome guy. then the guitar player with freaky hair came out, and he was nice and he signed my ticket stub. then the drummer had his face against the tour bus window. Cameron waved at him and he just closed the curtain. then he came out (we were by the door). He signed our stubs and cameron got a picture with him. Then we went to the singer. he was really nice and funny. he signed our stubs and then me and cameron got a picture with him. he was so cute too, but not as cute as my bass player. i got pictures with the two cute ones, and met all of them. so i am as happy as i could possibly be.

they are seriously one of my favorite bands ever now. i liked them a ton already, but they ROCKED OUT and then they were all so genuinely nice. they are coming back next year and i can't WAIT.

I MISSED MY CAMERA! it was full. when they came off of the bus, i died a little inside. i only had my phone, instead of my awesome digital camera. something is better than nothing but NEXT YEAR IM BRINGING MY CAMERA. cell phones take crappy pictures =[

well im going to go get ready and go out to the barn and ride Scruffy now. if i remember any other details i'll add to this. comment ♥

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Orbit [09 May 2007|08:26pm]
[ mood | excited ]

So this week at horseback riding I rode this new horse named Orbit. He has only been there for maybe three weeks, and Rex said he sold Orbit in the first week he was there. I found out why. First of all, his trot was so smooth and easy to work with, i loved it. Second of all, his canter was slow, steady, and so smooth it was freaky. Third, even though he was nervous about jumping he listened to me and did amazing. Lastly, he listens so good, you barely have to put pressure where you want him to go, and he does it.

Orbit is gorgeous too. He is a gray horse, which means he is one of the ones that looks like they are all white. He has a long mane and he arches his head so he looks beautiful.


Rex is also getting 2 new horses by next week, so while Tori rides Orbit i will try one of them.

Frita asked me if Saturday the 19th i would want to excercize Scruffy for her! yay =]

and last horsey news of the week, Paula's horse Jazzy randomly jumped their fence. Their fence comes up to like my chest! so now Paula wants he to help her teach Jazzy how to jump and try to jump her.

im excited, there is a ton of horse stuff that happened in one day. Tuesday May 8th was a great day for horsey news.

oh! also at the barn...i saw Mrs. Jesuale! which was freaky. i've been going there for seven years and never saw her, then last night her daughter was riding in the class before mine. weird huh?

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[27 Apr 2007|05:12pm]
[ mood | complacent ]

so this morning i had to go to court for my ticket. my police officer guy had over half the people on the list there for him. so he just came out and said he requested the judge change all the charges (except one) to impeding traffic, and there will be no points on anyones record. so i said guilty and accepted that because fighting it would have been useless.

i bought Skillet's CD today and cameron got Stellar Kart's. they both are good so far =]

Tuesday horsebackriding was AWESOME. Rex was on vacation and this lady named Helen filled in for him. she was really good. she paid attention more and didn't answer her phone. she was stricter but she helped me get shahanna to be slow and CONTROLLED for cantering and jumping. it was the best lesson i've ever had probably.

the only bad thing-my ankle has been hurting me like mad since then. it hasn't ever hurt this much when i wasn't actually riding. it sucks.

i guess no one is really on here anymore. maybe i'll just update about concerts from now on so i can remember them all.

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internet is back! =] [22 Apr 2007|09:44pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

so lets see whats been going on.

over easter break i leased Monday. She is a older, appaloosa mare. She is pretty much the perfect horse. over the week i had her, someone bought her. so our last day, the 13th, was my last time to see/ride her. so it was kind of sad. then i didn't go last week, so i dont know if she's even at the barn. i guess i'll see this week.

April 13th and 14th i went to Battlecry. it was awesome. not as good as last year, but still good. P.O.D., Skillet, and Hawk Nelson were there. they were AWESOME. i'm pretty much in love with Skillet and Hawk Nelson now, and im getting Skillet's new CD this weekend.

I got a 31 on my ACT. our AP Bio test is next month and im scared im going to do bad, because that class is scary. if i don't get the college credit, a whole year of BIOLOGY will be for NOTHING. ahh!


yeah i guess that's all i have to talk about right now. comment ♥

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no computer [14 Mar 2007|08:11pm]
hey everyone, i moved this weekend. on saturday 

so my dad has cable/internet but no computer. 

at my moms house we have the computer, but no cable/internet. 

and my dad might be switching from WOW and my mom getting something different too. 

so i won't be on here for a while, and i probably won't be able to access my email again. 

so i guess bye for now. until i get internet or whatever back. 

unless i can sneak on during school, or when babysitting like tonight lol

 http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/17506125/site/newsweek/?GT1=9145 ...in case i cant get on my email again i want to be able to check this out.
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My Chemical Romance/Rise Against Concert [04 Mar 2007|05:22pm]
so first thing is, Monday my brother's band, Something Stern, did pretty good for their first gig together. the band after them, Nothing Ever Stays was great too. =]

Tuesday i rode this new small black horse at our barn, Shahana. She was crazy fast and i was sore from pulling back so much but i still liked her a lot.

Wednesday was the concert! first was Rise Against. The first six songs or so were off the new CD which we don't have, but then the rest were off the CD my brother has, Siren Song Of the Counter Culture. so it was good. They were awesome and put on an amazing show. absolutely loved them. and now i really want their new CD.

Then My Chemical Romance came on. They were all dressed in their matching black and white marching outfits. They played the entire Black Parade CD in order. it was really weird, but awesome. Then they went offstage and played the little extra song while they changed clothes and the background set. So then they came out and played 9 more songs off of Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge. none off of their first CD, thats weird. i thought they would have, but it didn't bother me because i don't have that one. but yeah, they were just AMAZING. enjoyed myself the entire time.

yesterday i went to the dog show with kira. vanessa was supposed to come but she was unreachable. anyway me and kira had fun, petting all kinds of dogs. watched a herding thing, flyball, leading the blind demo, vet demo and some other cool stuff. watched paula's dogs compete. they both got second.

today Frank Turner that used to be on channel 7 news was a guest speaker at my church. he preached for 2 hours. it was good but my attention span isn't that long, no offense buddy. lol then i went to vanessas and we picked out a dialogue from Monty Python and the Holy Grail to do for drama. its gonna be funny.

tomorrow i'm going to court to show them my new insurance and set up a court date about the speeding. so i'm going into school late =]

tuesday i have to do my lip-synch =/ Do You Like It by Our Lady Peace. I'm scared. and im also going riding. i'm either riding shahana again or monday. i love monday =]

next weekend we are moving big furniture and such. so every spare moment i have this week must be spent packing everything on my dressers/shelves/clothes. yeah. this is gonna be fun. not.

so to recap, AMAZING CONCERT =D comment ♥
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Upcoming things I'm excited about [25 Feb 2007|04:33pm]

  • Feb 26th - my brother Cameron's band has a gig-Something Stern

  • Feb. 28th - MCR with Rise Against-with my mom, brother, aunt, and cousin rachael

  • Feb 28th - 10:00pm Criss Angel is on CSI:NY, my dads taping it for me!

  • April 6-15th - Spring/Easter Break-me and Ilyssa are supposed to be leasing horses =] if she doesn't, i'll be pissed at her. we will be out there every day except for Easter and battlecry days.

  • April 13-14th - Battlecry! =] feat. P.O.D., Hawk Nelson, Flyleaf, Hillsong United, etc. - with cameron, rachael, ilyssa, julie, & chris. its gonna be pretty sweet.

  • May 18th - Billy Talent-with my dad, brother, and cousin rachael

  • May of 2007 - third season of Criss Angel starts

yeah so i'm pretty excited. the beginning of this week will be pretty busy for me, monday camerons gig, tuesday horseback riding, and wednesday mcr concert. good thing wednesday is a half day =]

there was a criss angel marathon today, which means his new season will probably be starting soon!!

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This makes me so upset. [21 Feb 2007|02:54pm]
[ mood | upset just thinking about it ]

so yesterday i got a ticket.

but it was such a bullshit ticket i cannot even believe it.

i was driving down stevens driving joe and jimmy home like every tuesday. stevens is 30 miles an hour once you pass kelly.

there had been a person on my tail from about gratiot to right after hayes or so. i was like obsessively checking my speed because i didn't want to speed up for the annoying person.

so its like 7 blocks past hayes or so and this cop turns on his lights about 4 houses before i even get to him and pulls a u-turn to get behind me. he tells me he's giving me a ticket for going 38 in a 25 mile zone.

in reality i was going 33 in a 30 mile zone. i even double checked as soon as he turned his lights on (BEFORE I WAS EVEN BY HIM) and it was between 30 and 35.

and their might have been a sign that switched the speed limit to 25 but even if there was it was half a block behind me or so, most people haven't slowed down by then so that counts for something.

joes street was the next one. so i turned around and the VERY FIRST FREAKING SIGN was 30 MILES AN HOUR. so it had to be barely into it. what a liar.

and then i give him my liscense and stuff and my parents never gave me the new insurance form!! so mine had expired the 2nd. he said that one wouldn't matter if i show them the new once, since i got it when i went home.

but that speeding thing was total bull shit. that dumb officer just thought it was a car-full of teens and he needed to fill his quota so heres a victim.

i wish i had argued with him because now we're gonna go to court to fight it. that was bullshit and i have 3 other people who were in the car who were witnesses and my parents both know i stay right around the speed limit. heck my friends tell me i go too slow!

it was such bull i am so freaking pissed/upset.

on better news i rode Monday at riding last evening and i love her, shes the one i'm going to lease over Easter, almost positive. Ilyssa rode a new one Shahana and i'm trying her next week, we're switching off for the next lesson lol


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Eragon, woo! [19 Feb 2007|11:36am]
Winter Break has been pretty good so far. =] Friday i went to work and relaxed in the evening. Saturday i went to work, then went to Julies for like 5 hours. we watched Date Movie and played card games and just hung out. it was fun, i missed her =]

yesterday was Ambers birthday, so a little while after church i went over to her house with karen =] we watched part of the Covenant then turned it off and watched Employee of the Month since we all already saw the covenant lol then i went home at about 6:30 because we were going to see Eragon.

so last week was the break between Eragon switching from the expensive theatres to the cheap show. thank God. lol so i went with my mom, brother, aunt kimmy, and my 2 little cousins Michael and Jonathan to see it. Michael had said he didn't want to see it and even after the movie he was trying to act like "eh it was alright" but now they want to borrow my book. hah, i knew he would like it =]

it was AWESOME. i mean i was dissappointed in how fast Saphira grew up, and how Murtagh wanted to take them to the Varden, i mean what the hell? and where was Jeod, the Werecat and the entire species of the Dwarves?! but they added some sweet stuff, like the king having a dragon, and the freaky dark magic thing. all in all it was good, but they did some stuff that totally will mess up the second movie if they make one. or it will have to be way off. im interested to see how they can explain some stuff. I loved it, personally.

i was really mad that Roran had blond hair and that they didn't have pointy ears for Aria. lol that was simple stuff. but it was awesome anyways. yeah, in case you can't tell i just about died from excitement seeing that movie.

so yeah, Comment i guess ♥
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