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And another one

Isn't 30 years old too young to keep seeing people you knew from high school passing away? :(

I've been meaning to share a post about my trip last week, but I've been so busy or other stuff comes up. Today's a weird, rainy day. Warm, very spring-like, but something is just weird about today. My mind keeps wandering to the past as well.

Then I found out Jose W. passed away. I hadn't seen him in years, not since I hung out with Eric at his place & Jose & others would come over all the time, but he was always a funny guy. I remember him in school, I remember us hanging out, going to Space Center, & the unforgettable Lorenzo Antonucci order we placed at Dominos. I can still remember Jose yelling "I AM LORENZO ANTONUCCI" when we were trying to place the order for 10 orders of cheesy bread (and nothing else) & then going to the pick-up window to get it & him yelling it again. Even better was the mispell on the label of Lorenzo "Anionucci."

I knew things hadn't been well for him. I didn't have him added on Facebook, since we didn't really talk in recent years, but the posts I could see shows that he was having struggles. A brief search online showed he had some legal troubles, & even was arrested after an overdose. I remember wondering what became of Jose & if he ever got things sorted out. Unfortunately it never happened.

So I'm pretty bummed. A few old friends from school made some posts. David Chea, Lisa, Eric of course. It's so sad. I feel like we're still too young to be dealing with shit like this, whatever the cause may be. Kendra's passing back in the fall, Jack's passing last month, Jose this month... And that's not including others who have passed away over the years. Tyler, Tom, & even a few old classmates I knew.

Anyway. Maybe on Monday I can finally post about my trip. I'm stuck on another memory/nostalgia loop again. The weather outside, even though it's rainy, reminds me of my first spring in NH. The snow was melting, it was mild, & I went to go sit on a rock & listen to a little brook from melting snow while listening to this album. Hearing of Jose's passing is just adding to that loop, because now I'm dwelling on the past & high school memories as well.

- End transmission -

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