Britt (__irrylath__) wrote,

Where is spring? And Dragon Ball Super ended!

I am so tired of the cold & the snow. It's nearly April, & we're still buried under snow & it's still cold. I saw a lone mosquito somehow yesterday, flying against the window at work outside, but that's it. No peepers. No mild temperatures. No open windows, which is awful because my apartment reeks from being shut up all winter. Even my walls smell like stale food from my landlord's constant cooking!

Where is the warmth? The sun angle is finally getting correct, but jeez. I need that warmth! I need to get back into my routine! I remember last April I was drinking cold ciders & enjoyinng fresh air & it was wonderful. I need that air so bad.

Also, Dragon Ball Super finally concluded on Saturday with episode 131. I just watched it last night, & after having that show be such an important thing in my life since October 2016, it's now ended. There's no more new episodes. I actually cried when the show ended last night, because it's over. I feel empty now, like that show hole feeling but way worse because it was a continuation of something near & dear to my childhood.

Anyway, I should go. She's playing music real loud downstairs, so it's time for me to tune it out. I'll write more tomorrow, as I have quite a story to share from last week concerning a 3 day "vacation" I had. I just needed to vent somewhere that it NEEDS to be spring already. I can't stand this shit anymore. I need the fresh air in my apartment & want to finally go out in a t-shirt again!

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