Britt (__irrylath__) wrote,

On a less negative note...

I'm not sure what that was all about yesterday, but those thoughts have finally cycled their way out of my head.

I suppose it's worth noting what's been going on the last few days. We got yet another Nor'Easter, this one finally delivering heavy amounts of snow instead of wind & rain unfortunately. This one finally knocked out our power, too, despite the fact I was prepared for an outage for the storm before. This one was named Quinn.

I was at work Wednesday when it rolled in, with some light snow during the day before moxing & eventually just becoming rain. I was starting to hope that maybe we wouldn't get the 8 to 18 inches we could possibly see, not when it was still raining at 7 o'clock. Regardless, business died anyway after 4 when the weather did pick up. It was around 8:30 when the rain finally started to move over to snow. I had been talking to Mark earlier in the day concerning the rain, & I did tell him about the rain/snow line bouncing around where we were. I told him that when it did switch over to snow, it was going to be a wet, heavy snow. Sure enough, I was right. It was very wet & heavy, & it was coming down fast.

I really wish we had gotten the ok to leave work even just an hour earlier, as I think it would've made a world of difference getting home. The snow piled up quick. I texted Mark to let him know it had switched back to snow, but he didn't make it back before I left, so I had to deal with the parking lot on my own. I hurried to get my car cleared off, as I knew that at that point, minutes did matter. My mother of course was timing her calls wrong. She called as I was trying to do my paperwork & as I was trying to get my car cleared off. I finally got my car cleared off, got stuck trying to leave because I had to stop due to a car coming up the road & had to back up to get the momentum again, & then drove home. I was so surprised at the tree branches that were literally hanging in the road on the southbound side.

I got back to the house & I foolishly made an attempt to back into the driveway so I could actually get out of my car & not climb into a snowbank. Bad idea. I got stuck & it took another 40 minutes before I could get in the driveway. (And surprise, surprise. My mother called as I was stuck. Hanging up on her abruptly was a bad idea, too) I got inside & I felt like a frozen, drowned rat. My hair was soaked from the heavy wet snow, & of course I had forgot my hood here at home so I had nothing to keep my head warm & dry. Eric got home not long after, & I had only gotten the heat running for about 10 minutes before the lights went out, then on, out & on once more, then out for what ended up being out for 18 hours.

I feel fortunate in the fact that I got my power back fairly fast. When I was at work yesterday (Dave & I had switched, but more on that shortly) Dave had stopped by because he still had no power. Some folks in town weren't getting theirs back until today, but most power was restored by last night. Dave had planned to pick someone up at the airport on Wednesday, which I suspected it would get cancelled. Sure enough his friend's flight got moved to Friday, so he offered to take my Thursday shift. Despite all my preparations of being at work for two days in awful weather, I accepted, thinking that it would be a good thing not to have to rush to dig out in the morning. In a way I wish we hadn't swapped, because I had no power all day Thursday, but oh well. When I DID get power back, the first thing I did was take a hot shower, took a nap in a warm room, & went out to get food items that I had to replace. (I still have to empty out my fridge of all the other junk. If I didn't have to work yesterday, Eric & I could've taken care of that. I have to figure out when I'm gonna have time to empty my fridge & take everything to the dump) Cable didn't come back until some time yesterday when I was at work

That's about all I have to write about. We got a LOT of snow, at least a foot. We lost power for a little while. There's so many broken & bent trees everywhere. Every time I go out, I'm seeing more & more trees that have either broken, had branches break off & fall into yards, or they're entirely curved.

Anyway, suppose I should go. I have so much to do, & it's already well after 4 already. The clocks go ahead an hour tonight, so I'll lose an hour of sleep. Go figure, I have work tomorrow too. Grr.

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