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Forgot to mention....

I forgot to mention that Thursday, the 15th, we had a little earthquake here. I was getting ready for work & had just shut everything off & picked up my bags for the day, when suddenly I felt & heard a lout rumble. For half a second, I thought the garage door was opening underneath me because it felt like it was right under my feet, & for another second or two I thought someone had equipment to dig up the road immediately outside my house. That's exactly what it sounded like, & felt like. It reminded me of when they were doing road work outside my work a couple summers ago. I peeked outside though, not expecting to see anything, & sure enough there was nothing. After about 8 or 9 seconds it stopped, & Eric & I were both like "wtf?"

We went outside immediately after, since we did both have to go to work, & all I could hear outside was dogs barking. It was really weird. I checked my phone while I waited for my car to warm up, & Twitter was flooded with reports of a "loud boom" in the area. (It did not sound like a boom, at least where I was) Within the hours, local news was talking about it & everything, & it was determined to be a 2.7.

So that was an interesting start to the day Thursday. I joked that I was curious what sort of omen that meant for the day. It ended up being an iffy day at work because a coworker let himself into the store while I was closed to use the bathroom, which caused all sorts of problems because I panicked thinking a customer was wandering freely alone in the store. On the plus side, even the boss was pretty pissed he did that, so I suppose I wasn't overreacting.

Anyway, not much more to say. It's a mild day today, it'll be warmer tomorrow, & it'll be the warmest yet on Wednesday. It snowed the night before last, so I spent yesterday shoveling about 7 inches of snow off of my car & from around my car. Within 3 days we'll go from 7 inches of snow to nearly 70. This is what I expect in March & look forward to, not February, but I don't mind so much right now. I get to go out in a t-shirt on Wednesday, which I am beyond excited about.

I suppose I shall wrap this up. I'm at work right now, so I should finish anyway.

Ta ta!

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