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09 - Disappointment

Посвящается жизни

So, here it comes again
You feel that you are useless
And all admiration about you
Transforms to an envy around you

And they will try to stop you
And they will try to kill you
Because they'll never get that heights
As you've got...

You're living, you're loving,
You're hating, and haunting
For something you don't understand
But in one fucking beautiful morning
You will find yourself dead!

When your best friend becomes a sworn foe
When you fell that you're moving on a wrong road
When your sacred truth transforms to a lie
That's the sign, it is your time to die!

When you've got no air to breathe
When you've got no food to eat
When you think that they are telling you truth
It's just a tolerance that bounds with hypocrisy

When everything is left behind
And only empty road lies far ahead
There's no potential friend that you can see
It's our harsh reality!

And we are screaming on the verge of despair!
But our voices are drowned in the air
And there's no one who will hear our cry!
It was my great disappointment in life...

But I still believe....

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