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06 - Control

Посвящается государственным структурам, и военкоматам в частности

Everything that you undertake
Every step that you want to take
Every word that you want to say
Every price that you want to pay
Every second that you want to live
Every chance that you want to give
Every drop that you want to drink
It seems that every thought you want to think

Under a total controool! x4

Everything that they do is right
They've got power and law on their side
They demand strict obedience
And they extirpate any dissidence
They know everything about you
They are tracing all of your moves
There's no salvation, don't even try!
You can run, but you cannot hide!

Under a total control (x4)
You can't hide from them!
You can't fucking hide from them!

They are watching you everywhere!
They are ready to catch you anywhere!
If you try to do just one misstep
You will fall into their omnipresent web
That's the choice: to serve or to die
To search for truth or keep living in a lie
To have nothing and be free of it all
Or to be a slave and swim in gold!

You're under a total control!
Under a total control!(x7)

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