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05 - Hate

Посвящается бывшей девушке и тому уёбку, который у меня её увёл

Strike first! Strike once! Strike twice!
Defeat your enemies to save the world from their lies!

You're object of my hate!
You're object of my pain
That's my reality!

You're object of my wrath!
You make me cruel enough
To strike without mercy

You parasite on me!
But now it is the end
Of all my love and kindness

You've changed my view of world
You've crashed my reason, then
You've put me into madness!
Get out of my life
Get out of my mind
Get out of my head!!!

Don't try to cross my way
I hope we'll met again
When I will find you dead!

I hate you!
And everything concerned with you
And everyone who deals with you
That's really fucking shit!!!

I don't want to
Plunge into this bog again
I've hardly saved myself
And now I'm rising from the pit

Hate gives me power!
Hate gives me strength!
Hate gives me everything
To bring you pain!
It doesn't matter if you sinner or saint
Avoid to be the object of my hate!

My feeling of hate is true and sincere!
It gives me an immunity to pain and fear
You're guilty so much to leave you alive
It's time to go on and I'm ready to strike!


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