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04 - Emptiness

Посвящается приступам депрессии

I feel abandoned
It seems that no one cares about myself
My mind is squeezed by four walls
And I lie inside of it alone
I don't wanna do anything
Because nobody needs things that I do
I just wanna close my eyes
And fly away forever

There's nowhere to go
There's no one who can listen to you
Life is slowly fading away
And my soul begins to decay
It's disappearing
It's vaporizing
And dissolving in emptiness

But still I stare with my eyes on this world
And I just can't feel anything at all
It seems like I was pushed under a bell-glass
And all my world has flown away from me too fast
And now I'm drifting, surrounded by the void
My skin is burning and my soul is getting stoned
All my reflects get simplified to minimum
And I'm dissolving into the emptiness

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Tags: ascension, black inspiration, Творчество
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