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Life becomes a lot better when you learn

to let go
25 August
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allow me to introduce myself .. my name is Ruby better known as Rubia. I'm fourteen year's old and im a fresh-men at braddock therefore that means that i reside in miami . im taken and in love with my baby frank since 2.21.04 . Nothing or no-one will ever tear us apart . I like a lot of things . like .. tupac , music , dancing , reading , writing , tryin new things , singing , my nieces , my boyfriend , and a lot of other things . but i truly dislike some things. like .. hoes , haters , jockers , fakers , players , stuck up bitches , conceited idiots , low lifes , people who have no typa knowledge at all etc . my journal is friends only . if u wanna be added just comment and add me first . This is MY JOURNAL so i really dont give a shit what YOU have to say about it. ;] simple as that . Im a very open-minded, blunt person. I believe in many things like god,trust,honesty,love,compassion,justice,and that everything happens for a reason. Well, I'm not trying to type an essay about myself so if u wanna know anything else IM me at primez wifey ;]