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5/24/10 at 9pm
Thanks to those of you who replied to my last post.
It looks like the funeral won't be til the start of June.
I am so glad she is at peace as for the last 2 or 3 days she was in pain.
In better news, looks like 2 of my favourite people are moving back to AY this week and I can't bloody wait <3

5/22/10 at 10am
My nanny died yesterday morning.

5/4/09 at 1am
It's my last sleep in the UK and there are somehting's you can;t forgive like your mother walking out and crying your way home from you surprise party and chosing druggies over anyone.
I'll be back at christmas and it will all blow over because ther's no point and I will discover the bigger picture and I;ve been drinking wine boiught by a boy who i could have lost Adrian over since fucking 3 pm.

who the fuck knows any more. I know who  i love and I text them  and thats all that matters.

Ruth I am thinking of you and bump
K-lee iam praying for your dad.
Sara i think yr amazing
Harriet, good luck with everything
Rebecca, you are hot and I am sorry I can;'t commenton yr entries.
Jenn, i pray Pani comes home safew

see you at christmas, expect random photo updates.

i just don't know. I cried on the doorstep, i don;t want to go.
fuck this.

4/25/09 at 3pm
Today is my last Saturday of work, ever.... epic.

4/1/09 at 10am
I had a little friends clear out and kept all the people who said they definitely wanted to be kept. If I deleted you as you didn't see that post for what ever reason, comment to be re added. Sorry for any confusion / offence.
Any new people, please see my user info before adding / commenting. PLEASE comment if you would like me to add you as I won't notice otherwise!

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