you are my sweetest downfall.


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it's stressful being an other, jack.
20 May
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"maybe we're not supposed to be happy. maybe gratitude
has nothing to do with joy. maybe being grateful means
recognizing what you have for what it is. appreciating
small victories. admiring the struggle it takes simply
to be human. maybe we're thankful for the familiar
things we know. and maybe we're thankful for the things
we'll never know. but at the end of the day, the fact
that we have the courage to still be standing is reason
enough to celebrate."


__inadream is my brain-sharing friend. She smells of marshmallows and promises. - adventurepants
__inadream is pretty much awesome. because hi, i said so. - codestothestars
__inadream is kewleez! and not just because i say so. she has big dreams and she can achieve them all. i really believe that. ♥ - captainamerica
__inadream is my t-bop for life. And also, on occasion, is a sweet man Maurice. - aboutbefore
__inadream has crazy fabulous dreams that I am very jealous of. Plus, she's just wonderful. :D - bananabear333
__inadream stole my christmas sweater last July and hasn't returned it yet. But all is well because I kicked my shoes at her in a fit of joy. So we're cool now. Oh, Gabbi's ten kinds of terrific. - quidditchkiss
__inadream makes me laugh with her random posts. __inadream makes me feel somewhat sane with her mutual ADDISON/KATE WALSH obsession. __inadream makes me jealous that I can't
be as cool as her! - nighttones
__inadream is the best stepmommy ever. internet or real life. ♥ - snappleson
__inadream makes me pick up smoking again. ;) - onlywordsnow

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