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HE NAMED HIM CHARLIE. D: omgosh, that made me so incredibly... sad. oh lost, what do you do to me. and WHIDMORE, you fucker, i wanna punch you in the face! but i'm pretty sure i saw kate's lips kissing jack's stubblyface ones in the preview for next week, so i'm kind of okay with it.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY captainamerica! i hope you had an awesome day, kel. i love you :D

in other, much less happy news, i had to call in sick to work today. on my third day. i felt terrible about it and it's a badbadbad thing to do, but i'm reeeeally sick, ya'll. i'm pretty sure this girl i sit next to in my training class gave it to me, but nonetheless, it blows. yesterday wasn't tooo bad, just a constantly runny nose, sore throat, and sneezing. this morning, however, i woke up with barely a voice, my face feeling like someone was punching me, my ears are filled with fluid that won't pop, i can't breathe out of my nose at all or blow it for that matter, cause i sneeze about three times for every one blow, my entire body huuuurts and kljsfgdfg. and you know, it makes it better that i have asthma, so it makes it even harder to breathe with the congestion in my chest and such. :( i'm pretty sure i have a sinus infection but my insurance with my job doesn't start until the 1st, so i can't even go to the doctor. i'm hoping that staying home today and sleeping about 18 hours and taking otc meds will help. lets hope. =(
Tags: birthdays, charles whidmore, charlie pace, desmond, i'm sick, kelli, life sucks, lost, lost season 5, whiny & emo
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