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stolen from aboutbefore:

Pick up to 15 OTPs.
Describe them in less than 15 words.
(ok, sometimes more.)
Have your f-list guess the OTP.

from film, literature, television. some are obvious, some are not. some actually are common couples that i tried to make (hopefully) harder to guess with out-of-the-ordinary descriptions.

one. it's the kind of love they write songs about. epic songs. -- logan/veronica guessed by clevermonikerr and kissingdaylight
two. for them, time stood still. and went backwards. and into the future. -- henry/clare guessed by redtracksuit
three. despite torrid backseat beginnings, the love they have for each other is unrivaled. -- chuck/blair guessed by redtracksuit
four. she turned him from a bad-boy into boyfriend material, and no one was more surprised than him.
five. he was what she needed to stop running, and he saved her, in more ways than one.
six. even after she cut off his toe, he still found her sexy (except when she had a cold). -- chandler/monica guessed by aedrais
seven. no barriers, physical or otherwise, can keep them from coming back to each other.
eight. he can't stop staring at her.
nine. to her, he is a reminder of her mistakes; to him, she's everything he's ever wanted but is too scared to have.
ten. she came back to her roots and realized he was right there all along, twang and all. -- melanie/jake guessed by redtracksuit
eleven. even tragedy & forty-eight days couldn't keep them apart. -- rose/bernard guessed by redtracksuit and kissingdaylight
twelve. tension-filled sarcastic banter is their main form of communication. but he always wins.
thirteen. sometimes love will make you do crazy things, even risking your career.
fourteen. she loves him so much she couldn't even wait for him to propose.
fifteen. nothing is more complicated than pining after your partner's wife. -- christian/julia guessed by iheartbagels
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