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i feel lonely. it's depressing that i'm not as big of a part of lj as i was anymore, because i miss getting a lot of comments and being able to talk to people through them, when now i barely get any. it's also depressing when people you used to be friends with don't seem to care about you anymore, and even more so when you are still making a big effort to be friends with them and getting jack shit in return. i just don't get how people can act so rude and selfish to people they used to be close with, or even people in general. it's bratty and makes me feel a little bit better, because i'm not like that, but still. and it makes me feel sad when i try to be friends with people that i really admire, that i really want to be good friends with, and they respond, but infrequently and not in the manner i hoped for.

sorry for the emo-ness of this post, i just feel down in the dumps lately. maybe it's that seasonal depression taking its toll? :P

in happy news, i got myself the blackberry storm today and i'm frickin THRILLED. i've been playing with it alllll dayyy!! ♥ does anyone else have it and have any comments about if they like it or not? and gimme your PIN number if you want so we can message! :D
Tags: blackberry, life sucks, whiny&emo
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