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this is pretty much a smorgasbord entry, i suppose.

- tomorrow night i'm going with brian to his aunt's for christmas with them and his parents and graycee and stuff. we're sort of together, sort of not -- we talk and sometimes go on dates, and he wants to get back together but i'm not so sure. *shrug* i'm okay with it. tomorrow i also have to drop off janelle's present and we did secret santa at work, so i have to drop off mac's present, too (she got me and i got her -- how awesome is that?!)

- christmas day is just presents with parents and zoe, and dad is making lobster tails and steak for dinner. it sucks spending the entire day with my parents cause we always get in arguments, but i feel bad leaving on the holidays. i might go down to our neighbor's at night though, she's having a get-together and she is fun.

- i found out a girl that i used to be best friends with in high school died this week. we didn't really keep in touch after i graduated (a year before her), but i saw her around the college campus sometimes, and i loved her. i'll miss her a lot. it's so sad. :{

- i hate it when people purposely don't respond to you about something. like, um, hey, i KNOW you read it and i KNOW you have things you could say in response to it.. stop being a douche and ANSWER ALREADY. god. i'm impatient, lol.

- work is crazyyy. i have to be in at 5:45 AM on friday, ew. same old drama, same old shit, no need to elaborate on it, i guess.

- i think that's it... everyone have a great christmassss!!! :D

Tags: breakup, brian, brian&gabbi, christmas 2008, graycee, irl, janelle, life sucks, mac, madison, parents, photos, work, zoe
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