it's stressful being an other, jack. (__inadream) wrote,
it's stressful being an other, jack.

ughh. hopefully someone knows the answer to this.

i have been stealing wireless internet from my neighbors because my only other option is dial-up. over a week ago, when i tried to get on the internet, the IE page wouldn't load, said it couldn't be displayed or whatever that message is. i checked my connection, and it said it couldn't find an IP/TCP. i manually configured the IP/TCP and now it says i have a good connection, nothing is wrong with the connection, and it will repair perfectly fine with no errors. but i still can't load a webpage.

my friend leah thinks its because the neighbors turned on the option that doesn't allow others to use their wireless. does anyone know if this is true, or has any other ideas about what it might be and/or ways i can fix it? i'm having internet withdrawal and using dialup blows ass. :(
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