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i feel so stressed outttt. :(

my mom had foot surgery two days ago, and my dad took the entire week off to take care of her. they said i needed to take time off to take care of zoe or to kennel her, and since it's $20 a day at my vets, i took tuesday-friday off. and oh dear. living 24/7 with my in pain, doped-up mom and my asshole condescending douchebag of a father? NOT FUN. i seriously have wanted to kick him multiple times. i cannot WAIT until i can move out and have no contact with him if i so choose, which i will choose.

to make the day more complicated, when zoe went poop this afternoon, i noticed this thing in her poo that looked exactly like a spaghetti noodle. long story short, my mom said it was roundworm. so i called the vet and they said i just needed to bring the stool in so they could examine it and they would give me the medication. so i got there and it took 20 minutes for the tech to examine the poop or whatever, and then the girl comes back and says that since her shots are due in a week and she hasn't ever officially been examined, that they needed to have that done before the doctor would prescribe the medication. $110 and two hours later, zoe and i left with a powdered medication that has to be mixed in gross wet dog food.

i then freaked out later in the evening, because i fed her the food and she was fine.. but i took her out to go potty and when i brought her back in, she wouldn't stop shivering, for almost an hour, even though she was wrapped in a blanket on my lap. my mom said it was just cause the medication was killing the wormies inside her belly, but i was still really upset and my dad was a total jerk about it and i cried. it sucked. but she just pooped a lot when we went out before bed and she is okay now, playing and not shivering. so that's good.

but i still might kill someone by the time friday is here. :/
Tags: i hate my dad, irl, life sucks, mommy, money, zoe
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