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So not only do I have to go to my gramma's funeral on wednesday and calling hours tomorrow, but i have to find an apartment this week. When brian and I broke up, I got zoe because he doesn't have enough time to take care of her without me, so she's been staying at my house. Well, yesterday I got a big lecture that I can't keep her there because she's not pottytrained yet and she can't be left out in the house when we're gone so it's unfair to her. Um, she's three months old. Our old dog wasn't allowed to roam the house when we were gone til he was over a year old. So he gave me a week to find her a new home before he does. So considerate that I have to do it the week where we have to bury my grandma, huh?

I also got a lecture because my mom pretty much hasn't talked to me (except to tell me all the things i do wrong) since last wednesday. I said something about it yesterday, and my dad's answer? "So your mom hasn't talked to you. Boo-hoo. Grow up. It's not her job to pay attention to you."

Tags: apartment, grandma mother, i hate my dad, life sucks, mom, zoe
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