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i told tom i would make my decision one way or another this weekend, him versus brian. brian and i are going to a family thing so we'll see how it turns out (last time, a few weekends ago, he left me alone with like thirty people i didn't know and went golfing with his cousin instead for four hours), and we're going to the casino (where we usually get in fights cause i get grumpy when i don't win and he gets gloaty when he does). so it's kind of like a double test, i guess you could say.

i have no idea which one's better/worse: a guy who tells me he'd do anything for me, leaves flowers on the windshield of my car and will let me bring phoebe and any other animals i want there, makes me feel comfortable and loved but inadvertantly pressures me sexually sometimes and makes me feel bad about the situation and sometimes takes his anger out on me.. or a guy who tells me he'd do anything for me and is improving (albeit extremely slowly), who when it's good it's great but when it's bad it's horrendous, who knows everything about me and is goofy with me and whom i am more comfortable with than anyone in my life, yet who gets mad at me for stupid things and doesn't always treat me the way i should be treated, and doesn't see why that is.

Tags: boys suck, brian, brian&gabbi, life sucks, tom, whiny&emo
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