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you can't always get what you want

but, if you try sometimes, you get what you need

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My name is Jennifer. It's very hard to keep myself interested in something for very long so my interests are many and varied, although yaoi has kept me interested the longest and I can make slash out of pretty much anything. ^^ I love reading and I spend most of my time doing just that. Most people think I'm really dumb and I let them keep thinking that so I can get more out of them. ^^

I do love music and every type of music. There isn't a single genre of music that I can't find some music to like out of it.

I am bisexual, which means I like both boys and girls, not that I am a slut. I'm also agnostic and, as you can tell, terrible at making decisions.

Marilyn Monroe is Love

Boys Kissing is Sex Love

Music is Love

acting, akuroku, american gods, american history x, anime, anne mccaffrey, art, aziraphale, big wolf on campus, bisexuality, books, boy meets boy, bright eyes, broadway, buffy the vampire slayer, cher, chris farley, chuck, clamp, cosplay, crowley, crowley/aziraphale, cuddling, cupcakes, debating, demonology, demyx, digimon, disney, disney world, douglas adams, doujinshi, dreamgirls, dreaming, empire records, europe, fairy tales, fanfiction, fashion, fiction, fight club, final fantasy, fluff, freaks, friendly hostility, fruits basket, further, gay boys, gay rights, geeks, girl interrupted, glitter, good omens, grammar, gravitation, gregory maguire, grindeldore, grindelwald, h.p. lovecraft, harley quinn, harry potter, harry/draco, heroes, hippies, his dark materials, history, house, house/wilson, hugh laurie, iruka, j-pop, j.r.r. tolkien, jane austen, janis joplin, jhonen vasquez, jim gaffigan, jubilee, ken kesey, kingdom hearts, kiwi-strawberry propel, latter days, lilith, literature, lord of the rings, loveless, manga, mean girls, memoirs of a geisha, memories, mental disorders, moulin rouge, movies, music, mythology, naruto, neil gaiman, ouran host club, paradise kiss, pern, photography, plushies, poetry, politics, poppy z. brite, pretty boys, princess princess, project runway, psych, psychology, punk, rainbows, reading, religion, remus lupin, romance, rufus wainwright, sailor moon, self expression, sexuality, shakespeare, sirius/remus, slash, sociology, song lyrics, spelling things correctly, stephen king, sweets, sylvia plath, terry pratchett, that 70's show, the bell jar, the hobbit, the virgin suicides, theater, travelling, ufos, vampires, venting, video games, waffles, wicked, wilson, writing, x-men, xxxholic, yaoi, yuri, zemyx,