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Love You To Death

This is Not For You

7 April
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a perfect circle, afi, alcohol♥, amy lee, anarchy, angelina jolie, atreyu, beauty, being scared, being tied up., being yourself, bettie paige, big boots, bitting, black and white photos, black eyeliner, blood, cemetaries, chains, chokers, christian death, cky, clouds, concerts, corsets, courtney love, cradle of filth, dancing, dark things, davey havok, dead roses, death, degrassi, dimmu borgir, dir en grey, donnie darko, evanescence, excitement, fairies, fantacies, fast cars, feeling free, fetishes, fight club, first loves, fishnets, freedom, fuck you, genitorturers, guns, halloween, hand guns, handcuffs, hole, hooking up, horror movies, hot tubs, interveiw with a vampire, jack off jill, johnny depp, kill me cunt, kinky, kittie, kitties, knifes, korn, kurt cobain, lace, lacuna coil, leather, letting go, life as a house, lingerie, living on the edge, london after midnight, love, love stories, lust, lyrics, magic, making out, marilyn manson, marilyn monroe, metal, mindess self indulgence, motorcycles, moulin rouge, natural highs, nirvana, otep, pain, pamela jean, peircings, photos, pin ups, poetry, pole dancing, pushing the limits, rain, rainbows, razorblades, rebelling, ribbon, rock horror picture show, roses, rozz williams, rules of attraction, running mascara, scars, sex pistols, short skirts, sid vicious, slipknot, slutty clothes, sociopath, spikes, stacy lee, stars, storms, stripper names, strobe lights, sublime, suicide, sweet dreams, swimming in thunderstorms, tattoos, tears, the breakfast club, the crow, the cure, the distillers, the dresden dolls, the ocean, the sky, thirteen, thunder, vampires, vanity, ville valo, whipped cream, wishes, writting,