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Tutorial 02: Maggie Grace [Full Icon Tutorial!]


I wasn't originally going to do a Tut for this icon. I didn't even know I was going to make it, but I was messing around with stuff in PS and well you can guess the rest... I'm quite proud of it actually.

Some of the steps aren't neccesary, but yeah whatever... Hopefully it will look sorta the same. I can't remember the exact numbers I put it in for Desaturating, but then again be creative :D

From this:  to this:

Program: Adobe Photoshop 7. Hopefully it's translatble :)
Image Heavy: Yes
Difficulty: Medium

Collapse )<

</u></strong>- You can copy this tut exactly
- You can take the icon
- You have to credit if you do the above

I hoped this helped and you like the icon :)


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