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(((( IICONIZE ))) icons, tutorials, headers +++ more!

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__iiconize__ is the icon journal for watchasifall. Here you will find icons, headers, wallpapers, friend only banners plus heaps more!

Feel free to FRIEND this journal for updates.

View my: awards && memories && tutorials && resources && f.a.q && personal lj


1. Always credit. Feel free to credit __iiconize__ or watchasifall either is fine :)
2. Try to comment when you take something.
3. NO HOTLINKING. Seriously, don't do it. You will make me very angry and will end up getting a not so nice graphic replacing it ;)
4. Don't edit textless icons unless I say they can be used as bases. Most times, if you ask, I will allow you to put text or add things. Just ask.
5. No posting on MySpace, Xanga (especially Xanga) or any other blog site out there without asking me first
6. If you don't like my icons give me con crit, not "ew these are grosse". I really want to know how I can improve.

how to credit


____janicon __accidental _boxofmemories _iconistic depperte _loveunrequited amazedxgraphics amortentia_gal anteoculos boardmaninc beauicons canadianmobster cartwheels cheekygeeky clicktrackicons desertfireicons destination droolcity elavatore_icons elementheads elliptica fadeastride fadedscribbles fizzleicons grapeseedy getmeapony glossicons gosh_darn_icons iconbooth icons_are_hot ladydreamers last5 lightning_sky grey_doves lostfromgrace mindthe_ mistaken_heroes mixy_things morningicons nocturne_love notsammy ofthe_sky peach_icons pinknylon picturized pogostik prettypeopledie prettysocks_100 shapeofcolors sheld0n spookshowicons suddenlyy summeriicons sunny_roads throw_elijah triplethreat_x twixted unintended_art vanity_made visionaryicons walkingonstilts

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Special thanks to captivatedheart for helping me come up with the name!

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