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Tutorial 18: Shannon "Lost"

What can I say... I'm bored =P

Tutorial #18: Shannnon "Lost"


Photoshop 7
Image Heavy
Difficulty: Medium

01. I started with a cap, which I got from crumblingwalls. I cropped it to 100x100 pixels, but didn't sharpen, but if your icon needs that then do that now. So we have our base
02. The picture was too dark of course, so I duplicated {Layer-->Duplicate Layer} it once and set the blend mode to Screen @ 100%.  Much better.
03. I still wanted the icon to be lighter, so I created a curves layer by going Layer-->New Adjustment Layer-->Curves. Curves are different for every picture most times the same settings won't work for every picture, so play around. The settings I used were:

First Point: Input: 15 - Output: 0
Second Point: Input: 55 - Output: 75
Third Point: Input: 114 - Output: 146
Fourth Point: Input: 182 - Output: 209
Fifth Point: Input: 240 - Output: 255

I then duplicated that curves layer, so I had two copies. Both settings were on Normal @ 100%

04. Okay, I was happy with the lightness of the image now, so the next step was the colouring. I created a new layer and filled it with a medium blue colour, I used #82CDE9, and set the blend mode to Colour Burn @ 100%. The result isn't very nice, but it'll get better ;) And it did help put some depth in the icon.

 05. I created a new layer and filled it with a medium pink colour, I used #E68181, and set the blend mode to Soft Light @ 100%. This makes it look a lot better, it's taken away a lot of the blue.

 06. I created another curves layer, just to fix the colouring. But remember what I said in step 3, not all curve settings will work on all pictures. My settings were:

First Point: Input: 123 - Output: 137
Second Point: Input: 64 - Output: 62

First Point: Input: 126 - Output: 134
Second Point: Input: 65 - Output: 64

First Point: Input: 129 - Output: 132
Second Point: Input: 50 - Output: 78
 07. Lastly I added a texture by peoplemachines, I cropped it to 100x100 pixels and then inverted {Image-->Adjustments-->Invert}. I can't remember which one I used exactly. I set it to Screen @ 100%.


Finished! I hope it managed to help some how. Please don't copy the tutorial exactly, experiment



Tags: (non icon) tutorial:icon
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