Lozzy (__iiconize__) wrote,

Tutorial 16: The Perfect Man

Tutorial 16: The Perfect Man


Photoshop 7
Image Heavy
Difficulty: Medium
Requested by x3____leah

01. I started with a cap of Vanessa Lengie's character "Amy Pearl" from 'The Perfect Man'. The caps were from pinkpearl885. I cropped it to 100x100 pixels and sharpened {Filter-->Sharpen-->Sharpen} once. Now we've got our base:

02. It's way too dark so I duplicated it three times and set all the copies to Screen @ 100%. This really helps brighten the image up. Now we have:

03. The next few layers were inspired by a tutorial by __overthemoon.

I added a new layer {Layer-->New-->Layer} and filled it with a dark blue colour #004A75 {}. Set it to Exclusion @ 80%. Now we have:

04. It's very dull now and washed out, but that's what we need, we'll be fixing it later ;) Create another new layer and fill with a light blue colour #99C5DF {}. Set it to Soft Light @ 100%. Now we have:

05. Now, to make the icon even more washed out, but get rid of some of the blue, we create another New Layer and fill it with a light pink colour #DF9999 {}. Set it to Soft Light @ 100%. Now we have:

06. Now we need to go Select --> AllEdit-->Copy Merged, Edit-->Paste. This makes an exact duplicate of our icon. You need to set this copy to Colour Burn @ 100%. Now we have:

07. I thought it needed some more colour so I added some Curves {Layer-->New Adjustment Layer-->Curves}. Remember that not all curve settings work for every picture.




Now we have:

08. It was a bit too 'orange-ish'. So I added a colour balance layer {Layer-->New Adjustment Layer-->Colour Balance}. 

And we're done! Hope it managed to help some how.

Tags: (non icon) tutorial:icon
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