Lozzy (__iiconize__) wrote,

Tutorial 15: Emilie De Ravin

I'm sooo bored, so I thought "why not write a tutorial". So here's one!

Tutorial 15: Emilie De Ravin


Photoshop 7
Image Heavy
Difficulity: Medium

01. I stared with this picture from Emilie Online

I cropped it to 100x100 pixels. I didn't sharpen, but if your pic really needs it then do that (Filter-->Sharpen-->Sharpen). So now we have our base:

02. Next I added a medium blue colour #9CC7EA {}. I thought the picture was a bit too light so I set the blue layer to Colour Burn at 100% opacity. I duplicated that layer twice. So now you should have three Colour Burn layers. Leave the second copy at 100%, but lower the top one to 30%. Now we have:

03. Eve though it was looking OK now I thought there was too much blue in it. So I chose a light peachy colour #F2C9B5 {} and set it to Soft Light at 100%. Now we have:

04. I thought it needed some more 'colour' so I added some Curves (Layer-->New Adjustment Layer-->Curves). 


First Point; Input: 157 -- Output: 160 
Second Point; Input: 88 -- Output 47

First Point; Input: 164 -- Output: 168
Second Point; Input: 61 -- Output: 59

First Point; Input: 134 -- Output: 115
Second Point: Input: 74 -- Output: 49

Now we have this:

05. Duplicate the curves layer and set it to Saturation, and put the opacity at 50%. I got that tip from fightstarr. Now we have:


06. To finsish off I added a light "flesh" colour #F0D7CB {}. Set the blend mode to Multiply. Play with the opacity to see what looks best. Set it from anywhere to 1-100%, or just discard it all together. Out of intrest I put mine at 6%. Not much of a difference, but still... And w'ere finished =)

Hope it helped somehow!

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