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Tutorial 14: Emma Watson - Header

OK, this was made in ImageReady, but you'll be able to transfer it easily. I can't remember the exact numbers I put in for levels, but I'll try to guess (since IR doesn't have adjustment layers).

We'll be making this header:

ImageReady 7
Image Heavy


1. I took these two (
1//2) pictures of Emma Watson at the Empire awards. I resized them (Image-->Image Size) by 50%. Then I went Edit-->Free Transform (Ctrl+T) and resized them a bit more. I then opened a new file (File-->New) at 600x400 pixels. I copied both of the Emma pics and move them around until the looked right; so now I have this:

2. Of course we couldn't leave it like that, ew! I took a 100px Soft Round Eraser and erased some of the top image (the pic of Emma on the left) so that it blended in more with the 2nd (the one on the right). It took me a while, coz I kept making mistakes XD After I finally finished I made a new layer (Layer-->New-->New Layer). Make sure you have the new layer selected and then hold down Ctrl, Shift, Alt & E. If you're using PSP just merge everything. I then sharpened. Since IR only has the 'Unsharp Mask' feature I played around coz I'd never used it before. My settings were:

|| Amount: 50% || Radius: 1.0 || Threshold: 0.0 ||

Which gives us;

3. I then duplicated the base twice (Layer-->Duplicate Layer) and set both copies to 'Screen' leave the first duplicate @ 100% opacity, but lower the second (the very top layer) to 80%. I know, it's overly bright and washed out, and ew, but trust me it will get better ;) The colour burn layers we're going to be adding will put all the depth back into the icon and make it look even prettier ;). Not that you'd want to see, but now we have;

4. So then I created a new layer, and filled it with a light-purple color (#BD90D4) and set it to 'Colour Burn' at 100% opacity. It's a bit too pinkish now, but it's put some contrast back into the icon, we'll fix it soon. Anywayz, now we have;

5. Then I made another new layer and filled it with a medium-blue colour (#90B9D4) and set it to 'Colour Burn' see how it's more contrasty now? And the yucky-ness due to the screen layers has gone. Now we have;

6. Create another new layer and filled it with a dark-blue colour (#042F4A) and set it to 'Exclusion' at 100%. This adds more 'yellow' to the image, and has taken away the over purple-pink-ness, much better :D. Now we have;

7. I created a new layer and repeated this part this part of step 2 'Make sure you have the new layer selected and then hold down Ctrl, Shift, Alt & E.' Then I went: Image-->Adjustments-->Hue & Saturation. I uppdated the Saturation by 30%, I did this because I thought just the exclusion layer looked a little dull. Play with Saturation not all percentages will work for all images. We have;

8. Then I duplicated that layer once and played with levels (Image-->Adjustments-->Levels), not sure why ;P And I can't remember them exactly, but I think it was:

0, 1, 255
Red: 0, 1.08, 255
Green: 0, 1, 255
Blue: 0, 0.94, 255

Looking back I think I may have played with the green channel also, but not sure. So now we have:

9. ****Then I used the rounded rectangle marquee tool (which can only be found in ImageReady) and made a rectange and filled it white. This is what Mine looked like (minus the black corners XP), Then I do the whole Ctrl, Alt, Shift & E thing again. And use the rounded rectangle marquee tool to cut out a portion of the header. I then placed the white rectange beneath it (like a border sort of). Now we have:

****If you're using photoshop, just use the rectangular marquee tool, fill with white. Then go Select-->Modify-->Smoothe and put 5 in the box that comes up. Inverse the select (Ctrl, Shift, I) and then hit delete. Then go Filter-->Blur to fix the edges up. Do the same for the Emma part.

10. Then I added text (the root of all evil).

Beauty in the breakdown = CAC Pinafore || 18px || Sharp
Tiny Text = Times New Roman || 2px || Sharp || 600 - Tracking.

And we're done :D

I hope this helps you somehow :) You can take the header, just credit! Oh and I apologize if step 9 was confusing, just ask if you're confused and I'll do my best to explain!
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