Lozzy (__iiconize__) wrote,

Harry Potter Icons

Tags: emma watson, ginny, harry, harry potter, harry/hermione, hermione

  • 82 Icons + 1 FO Banner + 1 Header

    82 Icons -DON'T HOTLINK -COMMENT -CREDIT -TEXTLESS ICONS AREN'T BASES -ENJOY! 25 Veronica Mars (Pilot) 26 Harry Potter 18 Mean Girls 10 Kristin…

  • Icons and Header {last update}

    - COMMENT -CREDIT -DO NOT HOTLINK -TEXTLESS ICONS AREN'T BASES -ENJOY! 97 Icons: 34 Lost Pilot (Part 1 & 2) 3 What Kate Did (No spoilers!)…

  • Icons, Headers and a Wallpaper (oh my)!

    ICONS, HEADERS & A WALLPAPER -Comment -Credit -DON'T HOTLINK -Don't edit (textless icons aren't bases) -Enjoy! ICONS: 5 Domanic…

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