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__idontcare__'s Journal

Cloud Strife
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This is interesting...I find that playing Cloud without his angst bucket history still renders him an angst bucket. I'd like to see if I can pull him away from that, but I'm not going to try too hard. Though, I like to play the fact that he'd be rather naive at this point. It would be a good chance to shatter his little delusions on my own ticket. So, I guess you could say that I'm out to start Cloud as a Shinra loyalist, but only for a brief amount of time.

He still covers up the fact that he's naive, however. Cloud likes to tell stories. He also has a baddd azzed attitude that tends to get him in trouble. Constantly. He also failed his Soldier test because of disciplinary problems, but he's training to take it again. In short, the kid's off the wall. He likes to play himself up to be more impressive than he actually is. I'm doing this for my own self amusement, because I like playing Cloud out to be a big, fat loser. (I still like him, regardless.) As of now, I have visions of him playing guard duty in Junon, with orders to end up in Midgar shortly after the start of the game. I'd like to do some collaboration with a Zack-mun once one exists, potentially throwing little Cloud in the middle of Midgar on his 3rd string grunt salary rate. (You know, 10 Gil's a big deal to those door watchers.)

Oh, and he gets motion sickness. Badly. And, he talks to himself. He also has few to no friends, and I'm planning on having him follow Zack around like a puppy dog, so long as it's okay with Zack's player.