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my life...

6 December
yet again....if you don't know who i am, i am god damn suprized. from what i know anyway alot of people know me.. i don't care if more then half of them don't like me:D.

me, and my life.... well i wont talk about me, just what i like and as you can find out if you look my life. I like to skateboard, watch horror movies.. anythign that has killing or fighting im there i am a very "graphic" and random. i over all have a good life...drama yes who doesn't, im not a fan of it but i get through it. anyhting else about me... the only sport i play is soccer. i like punk and rock music, not really the new stuff because it tends to get away from punk and becomes more glam and gay shit like that. i will admit i do listen to rap but onlt DMX. i love to dress weird, act weird, and live weird. if you don't have fun in life there is no reason for it. i also tend to have very wild mood swings, i believe im bi polar. i think im done here i have nothing else to say at this point. click on my wonderful link to see my life......if you dare:)

wasted space....i love it

More wasted space, but still, this is Julia, and you will come to find out that I update this livejournal just as much as Don does. Again, this is Julia, the new update thing that I leave of Don's livejournal, because, things have changed. So, maybe I will once && awhile update this thing, you'll sometimes wonder if I'm dead.. but yet again, I'll be around. You know you love me. ((&& didn't I make Don's info pretty))