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ok i need to update before they shut me down, if they can do that.

and i have nothing to say i just don't want to be shut down


well that was the only thing of importance

It's Ju.

I totally rock everyones life.
I break into Niks livejournal, then Dons.
I mean, whos next?
You'll find out sooner or later.
Um, we took down the tree today,
Which is the biggest sin if I ever saw one.
I was like "Ew, I'm not helping."
School starts again Tuesday.
I'm not looking forward to that.
Exams are coming up soon.
Ew again.
My birthdays in four months && twenty-four days.
Hm, I believe I'll go sit here and think about some shit,
Because I'm great.
<3 <-- Don totally loves that.
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ok well happy blah blah blah christmas blah w/e

i am updating because julia wants me to and its christmas eve, i don't care about the second part and as for the first part

i love you

and now i feel like a tard

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yeah just to keep this thing update..um..fuck you lj nigger jaja idk what to say i hate this thing alot fuck english too blah that class can go to hell. I think julia died talking to me, i hope not but yeah im gonna go cry to myself
i love you more than bunnies julia (L)

request of julia since she wont not let me typing in this gay hunk of shit haha


ass haha last too totally compton i love it ANAl

ok well im trying to update but im talkint to 4 fucknig people and im switching all over the fucking place and god damn.

totally the best night ever and i can't tell yo uabout it cause...its pretty bad but funny as fuck omg i love it. out come...i cut my ankle falling on ice haha.

yeah school sucked it was boring but fun i love art class..i would totally do our art teacher...she has a beauty and she is so nice she lets us do anything basically. i love her because she lets me wear my hood. anything else cool happen...nah besides me storys of lovely things the cops have yet not been able to trace back to adamn nik and i we are the best haha. anyway...lew, gordy, and adamns father...i love you guys. i have to wake up early tomorrow :SS oh well idc i hate vacation i want to go back to school...most reason to hear how the teachers night was i love school hahaha motehr fucker ok well w/e im gonna go i hate typing bye

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It's Ju.
I totally just conned Don into updating this thing.
I'm so proud.
I rock at times.
Stand-by for an update.
Thanks to me.
<3 JU
I love you.
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Cough Cough* yeah still dying i don't feel good. 

       Today i woke up and went on the pep bus :O yeah it was gay robert aka ace...or fag sat with me..me makes me laugh hes a happy kid. I listened to music and looked out the window the whole way to ...the place i can't remember the name for right now. it was fun i guess. chanel sat across from me then she left and w/e i had people taking pictures of me...weird people oh well i would ask for a famous persons picture too right. :) adamn fucking sold me out and didn't even show up. i sat by chanel for like the first have of the game talked to joey for part. we got killed blah blah blah sat by my parents. i tried to break into the bus and find our car like 3 time. i road home with my family cause i didn't feel up for the pep bus deal so i went with them. i got home at like 5... or something. came home walked upstairs and sat there untill 9:36 when my father went upstairs. coolest thing i did in my room.....you guessed it nothing. i looked at my wall for like an hour, tried drawing but i wasn't in the "mood" so yeah did nothing. now im updating :O oh my fuck haha. yeah....i have decided im going to get a mohawk..when i get my hair cut. i want it to look like Johnny Chirsts if you don't know who that is...you sure listen to shitty music. If not that im going to get my hair cut short in the bad and leave it longer in the front. ok well im going to go i guess this thing is long enough. Plus my no flavor water gatorade is waiting for me.

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ok well anyway....today. nothing really great when on i just founf out i got some people sick:) haha alyssa..sucks to be you:).

 anyway...chanel and I, don't know i got this really really weird feeling today that somethign was wrong so i wrote to her about it and she didn't say aything to show i was retarded and was over thinking so i think somethign is still wrong and i hope not because if something is...im not going tomorrow. hopefully something will work out. have to bring this up again...haha i got alyssa sick. wow i really have no life or nothing to say i can't wait to wake up all early and shit. julia, just so ya know..ya suck haha. nik if you ever read this...your gay, your going to get sick too. amanda..your fucked up.   im still sick i believe i covered everyone...chanel...:P haha. fuck this im going i have no life. bye

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omg im fucking sick like not the normal sick i am sick i feel like shit and i look like shit. i can't keep my eyes open.. basically i feel like shit but don't want to get into detail. Peopl im blaming....Chanel, Adamn, My Mother(don't know why i just am) and all the other kids in school because i have to look at them and they make me want to puke.ill blame this on julia too...somehow. Mostly I blame this on Chanel haha we didn't do anything like that would get me sick, she drank out of my pop tho so w/e her falt haha im telling her mother she gave me mono haha nah. I made the HONOR RULE for once in my life bitches haha i don't really care but oh well. I hate being sick...im not happy and it makes me think about bad things. they make me want to cry haha but yeah enough about that. i don't want to go to school tomorrow, my mommy tells me to stay home...but i have to go. i need to take a test.blah i feel like god damn mother fucking shit haha. i believe im going to go die more hopeflly i wont wake up tomorrow.