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the earth is a bitch, we've finished our news, homo sapiens have outgrown their use

Some people have asked me to upload some videos, so here they be:


Ride A White Swan - T-Rex


Best Of You - Foo Fighters

Burn Baby Burn - Ash

Fit But You Know It - The Streets

Mr Brightside - The Killers

Anyways, just watched Velvet Goldmine again, and that has now replaced Ned Kelly as my favourite movie of all time EVER! It's fucking hot!

I'm off to Tenerife for 2 weeks tomorrow. Which means that clashcitizens, you'll have to wait 2 whole weeks for more At 1am. It's gonna kill her! Hahaha! I leave in the afternoon, so this probably won't be my last post. I'll be over there for my birthday and GCSE Results, but I'm planning to seek out an internet cafe those days and talk to my friends anyway, so you won't get rid of me for that! Haha! You'll never get rid of me! My God, amI gonna have a hard time catching up with teh f-list after 2 weeks!

Anyways, like I say, I'll probably post again before I go.

Nail varnish fumes make you light headed. My hands stink of it! Oops.

I've also extended my icon to include Curt and Brian.