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we couldn't believe it, they were HUGE! lions the size of transit vans!


my name on Myspace right now is "they were huge! lions the size of transit vans!" from midfielding by midfield general and noel fielding. well i've just got an email from the guy who made it! [not noel fielding, wish it was him though!] he said he got a bit scared when he saw it, and then said hello. haha! i emailed back saying it's a brilliant track and hello back. i didn't tell him his kind of music isn't my thing, it's just that song coz noel's monologue is just hilarious! great video too! hahaha! i must watch the mighty boosh and sweet tomorrow! here's what he said anyway:

my name's damian and i made the track your er, name is from..
with noel fielding..
it was bit spooky seeing it.
so thought i'd say hello