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Last night i watched Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King again, and tonight I've been watching Lost, and now my Merry/Pippin lust has been re-kindled!

Dominic [Merry] has the coolest character in Lost! He's Charlie, a druggie rock star from Manchester. He rules, and he has the best dialect...it's like mine! Woo for Manchunians! And the rock star part just makes it all the more better! He's also said my favourite line in it so far: "The French are coming! I've never been so happy to hear the French!!!" Now if only Billy Boyd was in it too...

OMG!!! E4 are showing The Hole on Monday! That is either my 1st or 2nd [it changes from time to time] favourite film ever! GEOFFREY! I have it on DVD, but that'a not the point! wildhoneypie4 and I were talking about it today. It's a sign!

Speaking of Ciara, ever since I heard about her nosebleeds, my nose has been hurting! Perhaps it's sympathy pains.