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so here's an msn convo with the guy i went on the disastrous date with. i felt mean blocking him with no explanation.

Nick: do you like having your neck kissed?
Nick: you can tell me:)
Me: :-O [aka shocked face msn smiley]

Nick: why teh shockedness?
Me: because i'm shocked?
Nick: lol
Nick: so you wont answer then?
Me: nope, that's just something i'll have to know and you won't.
Nick: :-O *shocked face*
Me: like how to do the tango with a swan. [i was thinking maybe random nonsense could avoid the subject.]

Nick: :(
Me: what you sulking at?
Nick: :(
Me: ok, i'll leave you to sulk.
Nick: dont leave me
Nick: i will be alone if you do... and i dont like being alone:(
Me: why not?
Nick: cos i dont
Nick: it depresses me to be on my own
Me: you are on your own, i'm in a different town! [he be in ashton, whereas i be in oldham]
Nick: no but the dog is here in the room with me:)
Nick: and you are still talking to me
Nick: and i am happy about that
Nick: :)
Me: no more sulking?
Nick: no... but will you not answer my question?
Me: maybe someday. [aka NO!]
Nick: but not now?
Me: no.
Nick: can i tell you i love you...

Me: but you don't mean it.

Nick: i might..

Me: doubt it.
Nick: :)
Nick: ok.. but we can pretend i said it... so shhh:D
Me: fine. *eye roll*
Nick: soooo
Me: you were talkative today...
Nick: was i?
Me: no.

Me: and then you smoked...
Nick: im sorry
Nick: i will quit
Nick: i am determined to!
Me: ok. but now my favourite top smells a bit of smoke...
Nick: sorryy
Me: :(
Me: my favourite top.
Nick: sorry
Me: grrrr...
Nick: *hug smiley*
Me: no.
Nick: :'( *crying smiley*
Me: don't YOU cry, you're used to it!
Nick: what more do you want me to do than apologise
Me: i want a monkey that can tap dance! [again trying to be random to avoid awkward subjects]
Nick: i cant do that
Nick: sorry
Me: then no!
Nick: ok

Nick: has today made you anymore sure about me?
Me: not particularly no.
Nick: lol
Nick: sorry for being a little off.. i wasnt feeling very well.. i was tired and i was fucking hot
Nick: and i apologise

Nick: plus we only had an hour!
Me: yeah, sorry about that. [no i'm not!]
Nick: we must go out for a day soon:D

[aargh! and thus i desperately tried to change the subject...]

Me: ooh do you remember savage garden?
Nick: i do
Me: the singer's done a song about bisexuality! it makes me giggle, since i remember who he is.
Nick: lolz
Nick: and i am now departing
Nick: so so-long
Nick: i will talk to you soooon
Nick: xxxxxx

please no kisses!!!!

AARGH! WHAT AM I TO DO! and what kind of twat asks me if i like my neck kissed when he was too scared to even touch my arm? i don't want to go out with him again!!! and my mouth is numb!

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