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i want to be there, i want it too, i want to know it, so take me down with you

So, here's how I've spent my last full day in England for a while thus far.

1. I went to my guitar lesson. Tony started showing off his fancy new amp he got as a birthday present. The Coldplay song is coming along rather nicely. And I've learned a couple of new chords, so I might try and teach myself Don't Look Back Into The Sun. Someone gave me the chords to that last week.

2. I came home.

3. I went shopping with father. We dropped Toni off at work on the way. Drove past the crash site, apparantly it wasn't Big Alan who died after all. We don't know who it is yet.

4. So shopping. Went in Ottakars. So many books I wanted. I got three. Picture Of Dorian Gray [I finally have my own copy], A Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy and A Clockwork Orange. I was tempted to buy The Da Vinci Code, Sugar Rush, Kurt Cobain biography and David Bowie biography. I'm gonna get them when I get back. Dad got yet another true crime book. We're looking in the Waterstones at the airport too. These three won't be enough. If I don't get this Co-Op job, I might see if there are any jobs going in Ottakars.

5. Went to HMV. I got Joy Division's 'Closer', Client's 'City' and...............

VELVET GOLDMINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh yes! And it's not an 18, it's a 15, so yay!

6. Went searching round other music shops for an Oldham Tinkers CD for dad [don't ask] and we went to the one in the market...and we found the single I'm on! It's a little 10 year old [at the time] called Declan, and there's the Young Voices choir. I was in such choir, in Year 9 I think. We broke a world record and did a concert at the M.E.N with that group that make the instrument noises with their voices. It was cool. I'm buying that single when I get back.

7. Met up with Toni. I got some foundation and nail varnish. We went to Topshop and got some Converse-style-but-not-Converse black boots, and talked to Toni's mate Vikki who works there and gave us a discount.

8. I came home.

9. I need to sort out holiday stuff...but I wanna watch Velvet Goldmine! I'm waiting till dad goes to Matalan.