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bonzo goes to bitburg then goes out for a cup of tea!

Just got another birthday card through the post. I wonder who from? Won't be any of the Yorkshire family. They're giving me my cards in September when we go out for Grandad's birthday. Could be Uncle Peter...maybe Erika, but I haven't spoken to her in a while. I could always check where it was posted from...NO! I will not! I want it to be a surprise! Must hide card so I'm not tempted. Damn, why do I have to wait so long! I'm a very curious person! Grrrr! Got the card off Grandma here too. It's obvious she got Toni to write it for her. Toni's writing's bloody tiny! Aww it's Blayne's 4th birthday on Monday. He's cute. I might make him a card and give it Grandma tomorrow to give to him. I can't go down, guitar and packing Monday, plus dad doesn't like Auntie Maxine at all, so we won't be going down. It's a shame because we haven't seen them since the wedding, and I wanted to say hello to Uncle Brian. It's so sad what happened to him, but he's such a fantastic guy.

DAMN MY CURIOSITY! Where can I hide the cards? Maybe I'll give them Toni and she can hide them, but then I might forget to take them on holiday with me...I know, I'll wait until mum and dad get home tomorrow, and then I'll put them in the suitcase.

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ride a white swan like the people of the beltane, wear your hair long babe you can't go wrong

i have the birthday blues. in this i sound a bit materialistic, and very emo, but i am still convinced my parents are ruining my birthday, so i guess i'm just gonna have to sound emo. be aware i don't usually sound like this.


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amy cheered me up by helping me argue with nick, which was a rather funny conversation indeed, and she finally watched last week's boosh, so more random quoting! our conversations are often built on quotes from boosh, never mind the buzzcocks, 8 out of 10 cats and two pints. what's shocking is they actually fit in with everyday conversation!

i'm really not looking forward to my birthday at all now *le sigh* but last night i got all creative, so perhaps that shall take my mind off the dreaded day. oh the fun i'm going to have, spending my birthday sat there while everyone else is asleep on sunbeds, bored out of my mind, probably re-reading dorian gray for the 10th time that holiday. night should be a bit more fun, freddy and dave i the brewers droop, but toni and jennie will be over by that point, so all they'll care about is those two, they always do.

now that's over with, i shall channel my emo spirit into something creative and then hopefully i will be terribly chipper!

the builder is giving me a headache.