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the return of the narcissist!

yes, i come bearing more pictures of me and my people!


my groovy pink converse with built in sock!

me and the sex, carl barat, with my old haircut.

once again with my old haircut, holding a camera! ooh!

my new haircut.

my new haircut once again! wearing my military jacket.

jack daniels. disgusting taste, but it gets you pissed.

yes, i am quite aware i look like a goth thank you very much. the flash fucked up. doesn't help that i am wearing a black jacket!

in my kaiser chiefs t-shirt.

hello right back at you!

still not dirty enough for you? the ha ha wall. i love that song! i also love my guitar.

some members of the floor-dwelling st damian's scruffs. i am unfortunately not pictured. i ask you, what's wrong with sitting on the floor at break?

some of the drama gang at dinner.

jesus, how old is this picture!!!

some of the e a class ferrying across the mersey. how did matt robinson get in this pic? and why does it look like i'm leaning towards him? eww! this was back in my blonde days, when i was obsessed with new york yankees and wearing a cap. WHY! i guess i hadn't been enlightened at that point.

the grease cast! [i was patty, so unlike me! but still fun, you know, except for flirting with richard.]

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