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leavers mass!

oh my god! our leavers mass was the most disastrously funny leavers mass in the history of the world EVER! My DVD didn't work at the beginning, the priest called Scarlett "Elizabeth", i didn't know how to say the words in my reading [did i get it right befney?], and now we get to the good bits.
rachel read the wrong bidding prayer and said "shit". loudly. into the mic. in a mass. in front of parents, teachers, all of year 11 and a priest.
then there was the disastrous Green Day song! Theresa and Lynne attempted to sing Good Riccance (Time Of Your Life). That song is now ruined for me. No offence to the girls, but it wasn't good. You could barely hear Lynne, all you could hear was Billie Joe. Cassie's mum said afterwards "that girl sounded like a boy". Cassie said "that was Billie Joe mum." Theresa belted it [out of tune], and it's not a song to be belted. but the reason me, Befney and Sahra were REALLY laughing is that they were singing along to the music [even though mr tuck knows it perfectly on guitar, that would have actually been quite funny], and at the beginning, Billie Joe mutters "fuck!" and Hannah had the music on really loud! of course the priest was oblivious to it, but he was the only one. he was a cool priest! before we started singing the final song, he went "off we go!" and started dancing! me, bef and sahra were pissing ourselves!
mr burtles replaced our beloved "all these things that i've done" with KEANE! twat! i was looking forward to seeing natalie dance to "i got soul but i'm not a soldier!" and then he played my dvd finally, which ran through 2 willy mason songs, but he only played one song, so instead of ending with a picture of all our year on the line "don't forget me", it ends with natalie in the talent show! and it was all my friends on the first half, and the second half had people i don't really talk to, so it looked like it was just a dvd of my mates!
afterwards, me, befney, scarlett, sahra and natalie went to mcdonalds. befney and scarlett went home after dinner, and me, natalie and sahra went shopping. i bought joy division - substance and the specials - too much too young cds. sahra got idlewild and rufus wainwright. so except for getting ill and missing the duke spirit gig friday night, it was a fun day!

omg! sorry! as i type this i've just watched joan of arcadia, and judith's dead! no! judith was so cool! twoz extremely sad!

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