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omg! i forgot my clothes!

reet! is it just me, or does it look like johnny's just looked down and thought:

"oh shit! i've forgotten to get dressed again! i'm such a silly little fucker! i hope nobody notices i'm wearing my mum's dressing gown!"

well that was my interpretation!

so anyways, i've finished one course. expressive arts. thank fuck for that! i didn't have time for ANY of my other courses!

unfortunately, i have my spanish speaking exam [probably my hardest exam] next wednesday, and because of expressive arts, i haven't had time to do any work for it, so i'm gonna fail spanish! ahh well, when the hell am i gonna use it? yeah i go to spain a lot, but when am i gonna go up to some random spanish person and say whether or not i recycle and the dangers of drug abuse?!? eh! answer me that senor gingerbeard! [if you've seen my spanish teacher, you'd understand that nickname], however my personal favourite nickname for him is The Bastard at the moment!

"i was a troubled teen,

Who put an advert in a magazine,

To the annoyance of my imaginary lover."

pete doherty has such wisdom doesn't he? it sums up everyone's life at some point though!

i like someone! i think he knows i like him, but nothing's happening! get the hint you bastard! he's very cute!

"if you're still alive when you're 25, shall i kill you like you asked me to?"

err, pete, if you're still alive when i'm 25, i'd rather we go out for a drink than you killing me! thanks for the thought though mate!

aww this month is the 25th anniversary of ian curtis's death. :(


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