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when routine bites hard, and ambitions are low

I haven't mentioned this in a long time, which is absolutely atrocious!





My Joy Division music collection has recently been neglected [except for Atmosphere]. This is wrong. Very wrong. I realised this yesterday when I watched the Love Will Tear Us Apart video. Not only does Ian's guitar rock, but it's so heartbreaking. And I felt sick for neglecting my Joy Division love. So now I'm having a Joy Division marathon, listening to Substance and Closer [the only two albums I have, as I don't have the money for the others yet and Paul still hasn't leant me his rare sessions CDs. I'm also going to be reading sections of Touching From A Distance. Plus, I shall watch the LWTUA video again. I will most likely be crying by the end of the night. The only thing that can make the night complete is if someone, anyone, can send me the Atmosphere video, as I love that video and desperately want to watch it.

So that's my night.

Tags: atmosphere, ian curtis, joy division

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