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I admit it. I like Kanye West. Well I like Diamonds Of Sierra Leone and Jesus Walks. And he likes Franz. And he's funny.

GIRL KICKS BOY SPLIT UP!!! NOOOOOOOOO! *listens to Home in mourning*

Got drenched on my way to college. I mean DRENCHED! Media first, in which Mary and I complained about the weather and laughed at each others storyboards. She was listening to Maximo Park really loudly before the lesson, so I might offer her my spare NME Rock&Roll Riot ticket if Sahra doesn't talk to me soon.

Drama. OMG! For our warm up, we had to do a character remixes of Stone Roses songs!!!!!!! I LOVE LIZ! STONE ROSES! Kathy and I are in disaster with our plays, not having Jack. And mum wants me to go away for a week in November. The exam's at Christmas. Next week we're doing this emotion workshop [thank you Stanislavski] in which we...well we get hypnotised and have to remember a time we were really angry. I've done this before, with fear. It works too well for me. With the fear I was crying for two hours afterwards. When in our hypnotised angry state, we have to interact with someone else in the group without physical contact, but I'm sure I'm gonna end up punching someone. I have many angry memories, I'm even a bit angry now. I'm just glad we're not doing fear or sadness. We then had to develop our characters. I'm now more than a girl with the personality of Johnny Borrell with PMS. I have a history!

Dinner was spent with Sarah, Claire, Charlotte, Leigh, Rachel...I think that's it. We just chatted. Then I had English. OMGZ! I actually got along with Siobhan! We used to hate each other. I still don't like English Language, but with writing one of my career possibilities, I kinda need it. I want to do Lit, but I don't want to drop any of my courses and I can't do 5.

Mum and I discussed Pete. We both agree that he's being a bit of a twat, and some of his antics have been disgusting. But we also agree he's a great musician and that matters. I love The Libertines so much, and always will, but I don't really give a shit about Pete Doherty's lifestyle anymore, and won't till he goes back to Carlos!!! And gives up the drugs and the acting like a twat. Is it any surprise Carl and Gary have always been my favourite Libertines?

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