more glamorous than a mandy slade eyeroll (__i_get_along__) wrote,
more glamorous than a mandy slade eyeroll

Write 10 facts about yourself, then tag as many people as the minutes it took for you to do this meme.

Starting time: 01.50

1. I've just uploaded 8 lovely handmade videos for you bitches.

2. My sister left home for university today. I pretended to not be upset as she was already crying and I didn't want to make it worse.

3. I like PJ and Duncan. More than Lets Get Ready To Rumble.

4. I'm well known with the fire brigade [though fire is my worst fear]. I somersaulted down the stairs and got my head stuck under the radiator, whilst on, and had to get the fire brigade to chop me out. I also shoved my head through through the iron railings in the middle of Oldham and got stuck. They had to chop me out again.

5. Surprisingly, I have never broken a bone in my body. As far as I know. 

6. I've taken an overdose...sort of...I drank a full bottle of Calpol and had to be taken to hospital. Was throwing up everywhere.

7. I have a huuuuuuge crush on Rhys Ifans, especially in his top hat and cane.

8. I've had to ban my sister from ever watching Velvet Goldmine. At least not while I'm there.

9. I think I like someone I shouldn't.

10. I make music videos using clips from films and tv shows for pure enjoyment.

11. I [or rather my sister] own the same jacket as Alex Zane. It's from TopShop.

12. I nearly got banned from entering college because I cut my fringe after my Student ID picture was taken.

13. No idea why I'm telling you this, but I started my first period right in front of my *suspected pervy* high school drama teacher.

14. I accidentally kicked over an old lady's stick last week. I picked it up!

15. Oscar Wilde gives his characters the best names ever. Basil Hallward? GENIUS!

16. My mission in life at the moment is to discover what happened to the 6th backstreet boy.

17. My name was chosen by my dead cat Tess.

18. I'm considering entering a piece of slash into Creative Writing, but am afraid I may get kicked off the course.

19. I narrowly escaped being kidnapped as a child. I only escaped because my disabled grandma hit the attempted kidnapper with her walking stick. I miss nana. Anyway, this was at the airport returning from Tenerife. The woman and her husband had been arrested in Tenerife, but smuggled back into the country. They got arrested at customs. I was rather traumatised after that for a while.

20. I was on the news for poetry at the age of 9. I seem to have gone downhill. Very downhill.

Time finished... 02.07 [on the dot]

Whoever the fuck wants to do it, just do it.

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