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pulp: an orgasm for the ears. fact.


Well yesterday...err...oh shit, I've forgotten it already! Jarvis' sexualness is distracting me, but I'll get to that later.

Had tutor group first. Was shit. End of.

At break I sat in the common room alone reading Q [don't worry sleepingwithnme  members, I got that too, it's just Q had pretty Franz pictures.]

Then I had Media. It was Mary's birthday. Yes, I have made a friend in Media. Shocking. I spent dinner surprisingly in a big group: Gemma, Sarah, Claire, Claire, Charlotte, and others.

English language, had to interview the most boring guy EVER! It was shit. Even NME hacks couldn't get anything out of him!

Then I had Film. Gemma and I had a laugh talking and drawing pictures. She drew a mix of Jesus and Nick the Film tutor on a motorbike. Talked to Gemma for a while about her various relationships, then walked into Oldham with Sarah, met Toni and we all got the bus.



In the middle of Drama, I came on my period, that was embarrassing. I may have accidentally volunteered to be the lead role in Lysistrata. I just meant I'd read her part in the readthrough coz no-one else would! I can hardly read it! I'm the only one in the class who's seen it before, so I always giggle!

Then I had a break, so I went in Oldham and got the Pulp DVD! OMGZ! JARVIS! HOT! [I'm watching it now]. And then I got back to the common room and read some of my book of Byron poetry.

Met Sarah at dinner. We went back to Oldham as she needed a belt to prevent her pants falling down.

Had key skills. I can only describe key skills as this: like a slow and painful torture followed by an even slower and more painful death. It's so shit, it doesn't even deserve capitals.

Then I met Sarah in the common room and I met her new friend Tasha. They're both Yu-Gi-Oh obsessed moshers, but Tasha is a Placebo fan! I simply MUST show her Velvet Goldmine! Brian Molko running around the streets of London in a feather boa! It's hilarious! The three of us are in Creative Writing, so we went there. Guess what we did this week? Interviews. But not like the shite in English Language. I was interviewing an interesting person [A MORRISSEY FAN!] and it was rather witty actually. I'd put NME hacks to shame with that. It's a shame Sarah [not my friend, the tutor] collected it. There's some [suspected] gay lads in Creative Writing...perhaps I should get their help on some things. They seem rather knowledgable and friendly.

OMGZ! I SPY ON THE PULP DVD! THIS SONG CAUSES ORGASMS! And I was listening to it in the common room. I desperately had to restrain myself. I'll finish this after I Spy, coz oh my Morrissey is it HOT!

Ok I'm back. That man is the sex. Hence my MSN name "pulp: an orgasm for the ears. fact."

After Creative Writing, Sarah, Tasha and I walked up to the bus station together. We chatted for a while. Luke from my form came over and talked to us. He knows Tasha. Tasha got her bus, and Sarah and I got the 82 together, and developed the most AMAZING cartoon EVER!

The Gay Adventures Of Sonic The Hedgehog.

I can't even BEGIN to explain the plot to you, but I can tell you I was crying with laughter on the bus. It was absolutely hilarious.

So there's the past two days, complete with Pulp ramblings. I think if anyone wants to be REALLY nice, they should do a Jarvis picspam. You know you want to! Come on!!!!!!!!

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