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now all the games that you wanted to play, what's hideous?

Stolen meme:

Write something nice about seven of your favorite people on livejournal, write why they're one of your favorite people on lj, or why they are such a good friend. Help brighten their day. Make them feel good about themselves.

I love you all, so I'll pick 7 randomers:

clashcitizens - well I wouldn't have a fake lesbian relationship with just anybody!</span>

wildhoneypie4 - sings very very well and is all round GROOVY!

cha_mel_eon - I'll try and get to the Witchwood soon m'dear!

suthnoli - reads...A LOT!

bekkypk - all I have to say is I&U!

suffer_me - provided us all with every song in Diary Of Carlos Barat!

violent_purple - journal pimping queen!


and everyone else on my f-list, you're all fab too!


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